Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I always knew it....

For the last 4 years I have been confident that there is a market for a great Professional Organiser in New Zealand. However tapping into that market has been really difficult. As I am sure it is in any business.
It seems I have finally tapped into it and broken the deadlock in my business.
I love speaking in public, media and presenting so I am really working on that part of my business. As part of Nation Organising Week, 3rd-9th September. I arranged a FREE workshop titled, "So you need to declutter!", well my oh my the workshop has opened the floodgates. I have had to put on 2 workshops to meet the demand. So will be in front of 80 people over 2 evening.
This is wonderful, as I have this workshop set to go as a longer session with workbooks etc, so once these 2 are over I will begin to advertise my seminars monthly. The cost will depend on the topic, length of presentation and the audience.
I have also secured some great media coverage, including "Breakfast" on TVone as well as "Close Up", the "Sunday Star Times", "Metropol" "NewstalkZB" and "Otago Daily Times". I have a real passion for helping people to become more organised and have lives that are less stressful and generally improve the quality of their lives using simple strategies, finally that passion is beginning to pay off.
It is incredibly hard work, but boy am I buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm, as it is so great to make a difference.
So I will keep you posted as the business of my seminars develops. Also I would love to meet some of you at them, I am going national with these. So if you read my blog comer and say Hi and introduce yourself.

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Andy said...

Wow. All exciting stuff, Wendy. Congratulations!