Monday, August 6, 2007

The Organised Relocation

I had a lovely day today, easing back in after last weeks flu. Which is still hanging around unfortunately. But the show must go on.....
I am assisting a couple to relocate from the UK to NZ, this is one of the many services I offer through "Totally Organised Limited". We help smooth the way for people moving to Christchurch from other places. Finding homes, cars, schools etc.
So I spent a nice morning sourcing some of the requirements for my clients who are arriving on Wednesday.
Firstly, I was able to spend a little time checking out the Mini Coopers as they are the car of choice for this couple, and then going to the nice gyms about town that have a "Steam Room". Christchurch is a great city and to spend a morning on these types of tasks can be very pleasurable.
The life of a Professional Organiser is not always dust and clutter. I love the relocation service we offer. It is an amazing way to check out the local real estate without having to spend my own money. It is a very sociable job as well.
On Friday I will spend the day with my clients showing them around Christchurch, places of interest, suburbs that suit their needs and other essential services. We have a leisurely but productive day getting to know each other and then we can spend a little time down the track narrowing down their real estate needs as well.
All in all making for a smooth transition from the UK to NZ. I have used a relocation service myself when my family moved from Sydney to Brisbane in 1999, it was a great investment and made the move so easy (I had 2 kids under 4 and was 8 months pregnant), saving me from wasting my time and getting on with the task at hand with an expert to guide me.
So if you or anyone you know is ever planning to move to a new area, do some research and see if there is a helping hand in the form of a relocation service at the other end to help make it a smooth move.

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