Friday, August 24, 2007

Your Home Your Sanctuary.

I had a fantastic session with a client this morning, we had 2 hours looking at her master bedroom and wardrobe organising issues. She felt this area in her home was not as organised and enjoyable as it should be.
Some of the issues that we identified during the session were.

* Things being stored in the bedroom and wardrobe that belonged somewhere else in the house.
* Keeping things way past their usefulness date.
* Having work papers and items in the bedroom area.
* Not storing items of interest from magazines and newspapers in a practical usable manner.

On the whole her home was beautiful and very organised, as was her Master Bedroom and Wardrobe. However by going through all the items in the room and wardrobe and then categorising them. She is now able to only have in her bedroom things that belong.
I reminded her that your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you should fill it with things that make you feel great and relaxed.
So in order to have that sanctuary the items that did not belong, like work papers and items, memorabilia and photo's, clothing no longer worn and books that where not of a relaxing and enjoyable nature need to be moved out of there.
These other items need to have a new home found for then in the home, and then the bedroom is restored to its original purpose, rest and relaxation.
Our home should be a place we can retreat to and feel relaxed and warm in. It is our sanctuary. So make space in your home for you and things you love. Get rid of stuff that makes you feel stressed and bogged down. You deserve to have a fabulous home and sanctuary, so take the time to make it possible.

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