Monday, September 10, 2007

What a difference 2 hours makes

Some people ask "How long does it take to declutter a space?"
We;ll the answer is not cut and dried, however last Thursday I worked with a client and in 2 hours we had her office go from chaos to clarity.
It can be surprising what can be achieved in 2 hours if you are focused and determined to get the job done. Also the pay off for doing the job is huge. My client last Thursday has told me since that she loves the space and is getting things done in it.
How did we achieve so much in such a short time?

The steps we followed were.
* Have a box ready for recycling papers.
* Rubbish bag for non recyclables.
* Then begin to sort through and action all the items in the room you are working on.
* Try to avoid the temptation to bypass tricky decisions.
* have a tray for items that require action.
* Make an appointment with yourself to spend an hours actioning the items in the action tray with 48 hours of the declutter session.

That was how we dealt with Jennifer's office on Thursday, I am calling her later today to see how her "Action Appointment" went this morning.
This was achieved within 2 hours, and I will be posting Before and afters on my website later today.
So if you need to declutter a space, call me. We can achieve a lot in 2 hours together as a team.
Happy sorting.

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