Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Business wish list

I spent a few hours this morning with one of my favorite "Life Assets". Her name is Jennifer and she is extraordinary, every time I visit her we get such as buzz of motivation and creativity. We were discussing what it is we really want from our lives and our business's. As we both know that we can have and do anything we put our minds to.
Jennifer remind me that, I rarely write things down. Which is true, I hold things in my head. It works for me and I have forgotten one thing in about 10 years. However Jennifer reminded me that, if I write it down it becomes concrete, tangible and most importantly achievable. So I figured if it goes in my blog I can add accountable to that list. As if it is here every time I blog, I will see my list. So here goes:
* 5 Organising Consultation clients per week.
* Be the Presenter on one Television series about being Organised.
* Have 1 Totally Organised Seminar per month - 100 participants @ $75 per head for a 3 hour seminar.
* Regular Paid speaker engagement from clients (minimum 2 x per month)
* Publish my 1st book (Title is a secret), and then have a series of books published.
* The Number 1 ranked Professional Organising Website in Australasia.

This list is by no means finished and at present focuses purely on my business. So I also have a personal list that I need to write down. I may share that with the blog later.
Now the fun begins, I need to put those words into action and make the plan to reach these goals that I have set.
This is where the organising comes in. These things will only happen if I put them out there and then follow the path to reach them. As a Professional Organiser some say I should find this easy, so I will. I will do this by planning my strategy, surrounding my self with the right people and energy, "Just do it", love my family and myself, and model my actions on those who are already achieving great things.
From the practical side this means:
* Scheduling my life accordingly - make appointments with myself to do the things that I need to do.
* Network - Get out there and blow my own trumpet.
* Plan my Website and find a creative like minded developer to implement it, and SOE.
* Find suitable venues for my Seminars and book them for 1 session per month for the next 12 months.

See even the organiser needs to be organised. I will be sharing with you the stories of my 5+ clients a week and how we solve their organising issues. Also I will let you know the publication date of my book, which at the moment is in concept stage, I have a title and Chapters sorted, not I need to fill the blanks.
So I will see you all soon as I head off to start my I WANT LIST becoming my I HAVE list.

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