Monday, August 13, 2007

Relocation Success!!!

I am really sorry for not keeping my promise of daily blogs. My lurgy decided to make its way into by joints and nerves. So I have had a shocking few days, culminating in being sent to the hospital by my GP and spending a day laid up in the Emergency Department.

I am home now and happily taking mega doses of various pain meds, anti nausea meds and anti-inflammatory.

It is amazing when the body finally says enough is enough. You must slow down. I have had a few days in bed now, and emerged today to get some work done.

Despite this the organiser has been around and doing her job.

Late last week I was working with a fabulous couple from the UK who have just relocated. My role as the organiser was to collect them from the airport, show them around Christchurch and then Shortlist some homes that suited their requirements for purchase.

We had a great day touring town and homes on Friday (Me under the influence of pain meds) so I am thrilled to report, that I must have done my job well and they have bought there first Kiwi home.

So congratulations to Jo and Andy on this exciting purchase and the beginnings of an exciting new life in Christchurch. This success is down to communicating with my clients leading up to their arrival, listening to them and gauging interest and reaction. Then I search accordingly and try to organise viewings of homes that only fit their specific requirements. By having the home purchased within 5 days of landing in Christchurch is a great success for me.

When I work with relocation clients I can usually read whether they will buy a house. These guys tricked me as I initially did not think they would buy the home they did. I reviewed my assessment later on Friday after we had seen a few more homes and declared "I think we have found your home". I have a hit rate of about 9/10 with this feeling so am glad my record is not too tarnished. The majority of my relocation clients who are purchasing property usually find the home on the "home search" days we spend together. The one that did not found another house but through and agent I introduced them to. So it definitely a service well worth the investment for the client, and I only use Real Estate agents I know and trust, I also refuse any payment for referrals. This keeps me impartial, as I am working for my clients, and it is their needs that come first. This has stood me in good stead with my clients and they all thank me for the fact I am impartial and really care about what they are looking for.

Well I will sign off there, it is great to have a success even while under the cloud of illness. Oh and organisers life is never dull or boring.

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