Thursday, August 9, 2007

Panic Stations

The Otago Daily Times is doing a feature on "Professional Organisers" on Saturday. A great guy, Nigel (Happy Birthday for yesterday) made contact and interviewed me. So this is great, and a real boost for the industry here in NZ. As Professional Organisers are a rare breed that people don't really know about here yet.

Anyway, he needed a photo of me. My usual mugshot would not suffice, so he requested a "better" shot. That is where I panicked. I had to cancel my appointments today due to this awful lurgy that has been hanging around too long, so having my pic taken for publication was the last thing I wanted to do.

I summoned my friend and neighbour, Aly ( , to rush over to take a pic of me at my desk, pretending to work. I had a rushed shower and put some makeup on then tried to smile through the pain of my lurgy, LOL. The pictures were not to bad. Luckily being a Professional Organiser my office was in a condition where having a pic taken was not too bad.

So always at the ready, I managed to make my way through having these pics taken, they were not rejected (surprisingly). So I have done my bit today for increasing the profile of Professional Organisers in New Zealand. Oh and for the record, I do not always look as bad as I do in the picture...........

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