Saturday, August 4, 2007

Surround Yourself with Great People

After the funny and long week I have had. I was lucky enough to spend this morning with an amazing group of people who never fail to inspire and motivate me.

These are my fellow committee members of NSANZ, Christchurch Chapter. (National Speakers Association New Zealand) This morning spent brainstorming and planning has reminded me of the importance of being around people who make a positive difference in my life.

Often we regard the clearing of clutter to mean, getting rid of Junk and stuff from our physical spaces, like home or office. However today I have resolved my self to get rid of some of the people clutter in my life. Luckily for me there are not too many people I do not enjoy being around.

So what is people clutter, you may ask. People clutter are the people you spend time with that drain your energy, sense of humour and resolve. We all know people who are always negative have a real victim mentality and generally are not pleasant to be around. These people are what I will now term as "People Clutter" (I think I should TM that term post haste).

This morning I was with a dynamic group that are the complete opposite of People clutter and who should most definitely be collected and nurtured as long time friends and associates. That is because that particular group of people make me feel good, actually they make me feel great. I always leave any NSANZ Christchurch meeting with a sense of "I can do anything" I am always motivated and fuelled to accept any challenge that is thrown my way.

So I am going to nurture those people in return, they will become my "life assets", because they are valuable to me.

I have many people in my life who I see as my "life assets", these are family, friends, work contacts and passing acquaintances who have made a positive impact on me. So a huge thank you to all my fantastic "Life Assets" out there, and I certainly will endeavour to become a "Life asset" to each and everyone of you.

I am excited about this revelation, and I know it is nothing new and experts have said surround yourself with great people to become great for a very long time. However I intend to expand on this and develop a decluttering service for those of you with "People Clutter" to clear out of your own lives.

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Kevin Lief said...

i googled "Surround yourself with Great People" and found your blog. i'd like to share more:

setup posters/pictures of the greatest people you respect for their virtues and values and wake up to it and/or see them before you sleep and/or bounce on them throughout your day. Surround yourself with truly great people and you'll find yourself not thinking in a petty mindset and with real vision, goals and happiness.