Friday, August 17, 2007

The Hard Yards

Some days as a business owner are really exhilarating others are just plain hard work. I have had my business for 4 years now. It has been through a few changes, including a name change from "More than Moving" to "Totally Organised Ltd".

Almost everyday I get an email from someone that wants to start a similar business. I answer these with reasonable basic information as it to fully answer this would take me an hour each day. This is an hour as a business owner I do not have.

Maybe that is the opening for a new blog, how to have an Organising business, then I can direct those emails there. I am the President of AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) and many of those queries come from that source. Sometimes I feel like answering "If you join AAPO, then you have access to all the resources that answer those questions", but try not to be so blunt, LOL..."

I guess the one thing I do communicate to all these queries is:

* It takes commitment and dedication, without those do not waste your time.

* Having your own business sounds romantic, but you are it, and you need to have contingencies for illness and holidays.

* Don't forget your significant others.

* Jump in both feet first. No point trying the water with just your big toe. You are either serious or you are not.

* Embrace your competition; Sometimes they can be your best ally and sounding board.

* Set your goals - and set them high. Write a business plan and follow through.

I spend allot of my time working "on" my business. making contacts, networking, planning, researching and preparing. This means when I am "in" my business, dealing with clients doing hands on organising, I am well prepared and up to date with the information and strategies I share.

Today I have been working on the "Terms & Conditions" of my Speaking business. I am developing the Professional Speaking side of my business. Ensuring that my potential clients have access to my services and the terms of engaging me to speak is one of my first steps to growing this side of the business.

I have been presenting workshops and speaking publicly for years now, however I have been a little slow to formalise this side of my business. This is what I truly love doing so for me the hard yards are now getting the speaking engagements. So that is where i am spending time "on" so that as the speaking engagements roll in from all over the world I am well prepared and ready for action. I have spoken in Australia and New Zealand so far. I am also MC'ing another conference in Melbourne in October, so the work is there. It is the connecting with it that is the hard yards.

If you are not prepared to do the Hard Yards and work "on" your business, you are not treading the right path.

Maybe I will look at the Blog for those looking to start a business, but for now I will be selfish and spend time on developing my own. There is a thing called Karma, and given how much I share with others when they approach me, I am certainly due for an injection of it sent directly back to me.

have a fab weekend

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Diane Pye, Pride of Place Ltd said...

Hi Wendy

What a fantastic website! I love your blog too. You are a guru, with many pearls of wisdom which I am grateful you have shared with others such as myself. Keep up the great work!