Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to Winter

Hey Team,
Well it is officially winter here in NZ, June 1st. Only three months till spring, and you know what that means for a Professional Organiser, yep the busy season. Spring cleaning comes alive.
Now here is an idea, just for fun. How about you spend some of those upcoming cold winter days sorting your stuff. MMMM, now why? I hear you ask, because then when Spring comes you can get of your Winter cushioned butts and enjoy the warmer weather instead of Spring cleaning. Now there is an idea I could go with.....
So lets get into some Winter decluttering so you can enjoy a Spring Fling, instead of Spring Cleaning. The next day off you have that is cold, wet and miserable get into your wardrobe and biff out all the stuff you no longer need or love, then hit the pantry & fridge, then clear out your bookshelves and so on till winter is over. You will thank me for it, I promise.
Now for all my loyal friends and colleagues in the northern hemisphere, I say to you, just get out there and enjoy your Summer leave the decluttering till next winter, just kidding!! We know there are icky days in Summer too sometimes, so you guys use that. Then come next winter for you, icky days can be spent on the sofa with a good red and a great movie.
Ahhh gotta love Winter. Rug up my fellow southern hemi readers and rock on in summer for you northerners.

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Julie Bestry said...

Oh, goodness, Wendy. It was a humid 91 degrees here in Chattanooga yesterday, and we're still three weeks from summer!

As for the professional organizing industry here, it can be interesting. Most people with kids don't have the time (or the childcare) to work on getting organized in the summer, so it can be very slow. For others, especially singletons, the extra daylight means this is the first chance they've had all year to take a breath and tackle their goals.

So, you guys can clear out the mitten and scarf drawer, and we'll work on the swimsuits and floaties, and let's all find a little more space and time in our lives. Happy June!