Monday, June 23, 2008

What is it with me and Technology?

I woke at 4am this morning, still on Europe time I think!!! So I got up at 5am and thought I would tackle some work.
We have the AAPO AGM today and Committee meeting as well as a weeks worth or being away to catch up on. So communication is vital today. However I log in to outlook and get error messages, then I try and check my mail through webmail, and get more error messages. My website is DOWN. I am on a technological desert island. Totally cut off from the world, LOL. At least that is what it feels like.
I am finding technology more and more frustrating. My webmail keeps telling me (3 times in past 2 weeks) that my mailbox is full and emails will be rejected. I log in and there is nothing in my mailbox, go figure. This always happens on a Sunday or when I am overseas, so a quick fix is not easy. My web hosts take ages to reply to my emails, if they bother at all, which doubly sucks.
Biy what is it with getting good reliable and working service these days??
I just needed to vent big time. But hey if you want to email me with sympathy or ideas, you can't, your email will bounce, AAARRRGGGHHH.
Thank you to blogger for giving me the forum to vent my frustration at 5.41am on a Monday morning while I am jetlagged, and thank you for listening.
I think I will go walk the dog, Banjo, in the dark and rain this morning, maybe that will help me feel better?
I promise a more upbeat non venting post later today or tomorrow. also I will be back with news of the ISP being fixed, sooner rather than later, I hope.
Have a great Monday, cause I sure as hell ain't..


Jeri Dansky said...

Hi Wendy,

How frustrating! At least your web site seems to be back up now.

Perhaps you should switch hosting companies. There are lots of them out there, and switching is easy; why stick with one that doesn't provide good service? Mine has 24x7 phone support in the U.S. (where I am), as well as live chat.

Take care,

Julie Bestry said...

Big technology-repairing hugs are being sent your way, Wendy.

In your second paragraph, you say that your website is down--since we're reading your blog, I knew you didn't mean that, and from here in Tennessee, I can see at least two of your web sites are up and running -- and are both working.

It sounds like you're saying your email account is handled by your web host (rather than your ISP)--do they not offer 24/7 phone support?

Good luck! I'm sending positive tech vibrations!

Brandie said...

Wendy girl,
I am feeling you pain! I've had email woes over the last couple years. Over this weekend I decided to drink the Google kool-aid and use Google Apps. The final straw that sent me over to the big "G" was that a great friend (and fellow blogger) wasn't able to get ANY emails thru to me.... AGAIN... *sigh*
Since you travel so much, Google Apps might be a good solution for you too.
Hope that is helpful to you. 99.9% uptime guarantee for email? Sold, baby!