Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ahh Saturday Musings!

I am sitting in my office, looking out at beautiful large snowflakes drifting down outside. I am also listenisng to "The O Myth"
This is a fantastic Blog radio program by my NAPO buddies Krista Colvin and Brandie Kajino, so have a listen a great program on getting everything done. Fantastic job you guys, you really are trailblazers inthe industry.
Wow, snow is still falling and I need to get ready to go to the Cancer Society fund raising ball tonight, we will get a bit cool in our ball gowns in the snow, LOL.
I am also excited to announce that I am lined up for a 2nd term as the President of AAPO (The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers).
I have a wonderful team on the executive committee for the upcoming year, they are Angela Esnouf - VP, Wendy Hanes - Secretary, Gaye Cherry - Treasurer and Karen Koedding, Rebecca Johnston & Rebecca Mezzino as our general committee members. I would also like to publically acknowledge Sarah Cottman & Angela Miller-Davis who have been an amazing asset to AAPO during the current Committee Term, Thank you to both of you for your amazing support and work over the last 12 month.
Well I had better get ready for the Ball, have a wonderful weekend.
PS: The above pic is of my kids in 2005 when we had a big snow at our house, you can see we have a fab driveway fro tobogganing.

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Brandie said...

You are too sweet!
It's funny, I forgot that your seasons are opposite of here. I spent 5 hours in the yard sweating! I think playing in the snow sounds MUCH better.
Much love W! :)