Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yes I am human, but we did it!!!!

Whoohooo, you have no idea how good it feels. I did it, took the plunge and hired and organiser!! Yes today I had an amazing 3 hour session with Jane Madison-Jones, one of my amazing Christchurch Consultants, and became a client for a day.
It was brilliant and I am unsure why I waited so long. The best thing (other than the fabulously organised room) was I walked a mile in my clients shoes.
I felt sick to my stomach and nervous for 2 days leading up to our 11am appointment. This was at the prospect of "airing my dirty laundry" to someone else. Wow, it is hard, but so worth it. Everyone expects me to so organised, and normally I am, however my boys room had got to the stage I felt I was fighting a losing battle so I surrendered. I let the boys be in control of their room, what a disastrous disorganised mess it became. The boys are 8 and 10, but hey I do not believe a mothers place is to pick up after her perfectly able bodied children, so I let them be in charge of "their space" Here is the result:

Well enogh was enough, I was so over their stuff and clutter, it felt too hard to tackle on my own, yep this Professional Organiser is human, and called in my expert.
We worked hard and I delivered 40 kg (88lbs) of stuff to the refuse at the end but we have a fabulously organised and tidy room. Not sure how long it will stay tiday for but definatley organised.
We are about to demolish that end of the house to do a major renovation in the next few months, so some said why bother, but this is the reason why, check it out:

So I dare everyone of you out there to get stuck into the Organising project you have been putting off. I can tell you it feels BLOODY MARVELLOUS!
If you feel it is too hard then get some help, stop putting up with average when you can have fabulous.

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