Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Article in the Wall Street Journal

A wonderful Professional Organiser I met in Reno, Monica Ricci, has in her blog today a link to a great article everyone should read to learn more about Professional Organisers. Monica's blog is one of the best blogs by a Professional Organiser doing the rounds and I urge all of you to visit it.
Here is the link to the article she mentions "Helping Clients End Chaos"
Often people just do not "get" what it is a Professional Organiser does and this link will be a great starting point for you to begin to get the picture. Also another great way is to check out the before and after pictures on a Professional Organisers website. Also if you are contemplating hiring a PO, then always ask for references if you are unsure it will be worth the investment. A good PO will always have clients who will give a verbal testimonial if required.
There are many rogues out there, so ensure your PO is a member of one of the Professional Organising Associations in your area (NAPO, AAPO, POC, NSGCD for example) this shows they are serious about their industry and professionalism. Also most association have a Code of Ethics that provides some level of protection for your privacy when you work with a member of the association. If your PO is not a member then ask them "Why not?", you may be surprised at the answer. If they say they did not know there is one, then they have done very little research before setting up their business to not be aware of this, and you would need to question the seriousness of their intention when they commenced trading.
If they think they are "so expert" that they do not need the an association, then they are unlikely to take the industry itself seriously enough to support the growing professionalism of it and are probably so set in their ideas that they are unlikely to listen to your needs, because they feel they already know everything there is to know about Organising. This is so not true, as one of NZ's veteran organisers I learn something new about my Profession everyday whether that be from colleagues or even clients.
If they say they cannot afford the joining fee, then they need to seriously think about whether they are committed to having a PO business, as the support, resources and networking provided by an association will be one of the best investments they make in their business and for their clients.
So go forth and find a PO for you, but do check their credentials, references, and experience. In such a young industry there are many "fake it before you make in PO's" out there that may not have your best interests at heart.
Have a fab Friday.

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