Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bathroom Declutter

I have just decide my bathroom needs a serious declutter. It is amazing how much you can collect in your bathroom cupboards and benchtops.
With three kids and an active lifestyle one of the most duplicated items we have is Sunblock. Just how much does one family of 5 need???? I am sure we have more than 10 various bottles of sun block in out bathroom.
So I am planning a big clear out in our 2 bathrooms. Here is how I plan to do it:
* Gather all my cosmetics, lotions and potions from cupboards, drawers and bench tops. Discard any old grungy stuff, be realistic about what we really need in there and clean all the benches & shelves before returning the keepers.
* Collect up any medications that are in the bathrooms, discard all medications that are past their expiration date. Take them to your pharmacy for safe disposal.
* Take inventory of all the sundry bathroom items such as cotton buds, tissues, makeup brushes, hair combs and brushes. Use small storage boxes for some of these items so they do not get spread all over the place.

I remember once as a young single chick I was working for Club Med in new Caledonia, my roomie Anna and I decide to consolidate all our Shampoo and Conditioner bottles. We poured all the half and quarter full bottles into one bottle. I do not suggest this for you at home, as we wound up with some very odd concoctions.
However if you have anything that is almost empty, grungy looking, dried up or smells weird then discard it.

Also did you know that your cosmetics have best before dates and do expire or go off. Here is a list of optimal lifetimes for some cosmetics.
Lipstick 9-12months
Mascara 3-6 months
Lip & Eye pencils 9-12 months
Foundation 12 months
Eye Shadow 12 months
So clear out anything that has been around for longer than these dates. Cosmetics can grow bacteria and cause skin infections so be cautious. Also your makeup brushes should be washed regularly in mild shampoo and left to air dry to also clear them of bacteria.

Did you know also that unused unwanted cosmetics can be donated or given away as well. So don't hang on to those colors you know you will never where, find someone they suit and give them a small gift.

You start your day in your bathroom, so make it a pleasant sanctuary that way you can always leave the room feeling good.

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