Monday, May 12, 2008

When things go Blahhhhhh

Hope your week started better than mine. my Computer is in the computer hospital It seems I may have "killed" my hard drive. Working away last night and I get the dreaded "unmountable boot volume" message. Which the fab guys at PC Anytime ( tell me may not be a good thing. As for my data well only time will tell. The said machine was delivered and put onto data recovery (PC Life support, I assume), this morning. I have not heard yet of the prognosis, so hopefully no news is good news....Thank goodness for laptops as that is what I am using at present.
As for backing up data, well it turns out you never seem to back up the stuff you really need, so maybe "Totally Organised" will be doing alot of catch up work as even though I do back up, I have missed a few important things. Fortunately my book was done on my laptop, so is still intact and almost ready to be published, phew.
To add to this small dilemma, our drains blocked at home as well, the sewer no less. So I have had the plumbers out and sorting that situation today.
So for all of you who think a Professional organisers life runs smoothly, I can assure you it does not, these small things are sent to challenge us and test our systems.
Also it always means that tomorrow will be a better day, hooray....

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Megan @ Disorder2Order said...

Been there done that... and I got the t-shirt. What a bummer Wendie. I hope that you recover okay... sometimes you have to look at it like "declutter" without a choice.

To better days...