Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crying into my keyboard

Here is a lesson for everyone.
BACKUP your files.
My hard drive on my main computer crashed on Sunday night, as I reported in an earlier post. I collected my computer this afternoon and plugged her in. The guys at "PC anytime" had managed to recover most of my data. But it is like opening a new computer. All my settings and many programs have vanished into the ether of cyber land.
So far this evening I have reinstalled Mozilla Firefox, Palm Desktop and Skype. I have redone my email signature and also had to add all my email accounts to my outlook. What a challenge and a pain.
What I cannot locate is my Quicken program and contents. Lucky for me our Financial year started on 1st April, so only have 6 weeks of data to re enter. My new e-organizer pro CRM software has also vanished, however the excel version of all my customer databases still exist and I can locate them, Hooray.
So this is a timely message to BACKUP YOUR HARDDRIVE, don't just think about it do it and do it today, because even when you don't lose your data a new hard drive is like reconfiguring a whole new computer and takes time and patience.
Oh well back to the grindstone.......

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