Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mustering Up the Courage

As my regular readers know, I am not naturally organised,and work at it everyday. I have made huge improvements in my own life over the years and have things on a pretty even keel now.
However, (That is lie a BIG BUT!!) there is one room in my home at the moment where I fear to tread..........The boys bedroom, it is a PO's nightmare.
I am a firm believer in kids doing there bit around the home and picking up after themselves. Yet my boys seem to be allergic to this concept. The bedroom shared by my 8 and 10 year old boys is an absolute organising nightmare. Now I have been avoiding the inevitable as we are about to do a major renovation and demolish their room. Maybe I could do this while the clutter is still in there, I keep hoping. However that really is not possible.
I am putting off getting in there and getting it sorted, it is one of those areas that just feels too hard on your own. Now I have the possibility of having one of my trusty "Organising Consultants" offer me a hand, but that would be a bit tricky for them, de cluttering the Organising Guru's kids bedroom. There are no other Professional organisers in Christchurch that I can call to offer the job to, so I will persevere and get it done.
I have a deadline to do this job, that is the 12th June, before the Nanny moves in for a week while I am in Ireland. So I keep thinking it will get done eventually, maybe the organising fairies will visit one night while I am asleep!!!
This little issue of mine really highlights the way getting your own stuff organised can be a real de energiser. When you live with a problem it is hard to see the easy solution and gather up the motivation to tackle the task. It is when you feel like this that calling in the Pro's is a real option. If I get help with this task it may take only 2 hours, however doing it on my own will take about 6 hours (I know this from past experience!!). So I will keep you posted on how I managed to get over my procrastination hump, and if I relent and call in the Pro's.
If you have a part of your home or office that feels similar to this then maybe you can look at the option of having a Professional Organiser come and help you get over that hump. There is nothing better than looking at an issue with a fresh set of eyes and a new set of strategies and that is what a Professional Organiser will do.
MMMMMM I may have just convinced myself to call on either Jane or Jeanne (my trusty Christchurch Organising Consultant's) to help me get over my Organising hump.
Have a fabulous day.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as another professional organizer, there are certainly areas in my life where I struggle with organization, sometimes because of family members, sometimes because of issues all my own. I don't hesitate to hire another organizer to help me with my projects. It's such a good use of my resources! (Do we expect a dentist to work on his own teeth? I think not!) Good luck with your sons' room!

krista colvin said...

okay girlfriend... i'll hold your hand and give you that little kickin the spanks you need!

Set the timer for 5 minutes, grab 2 paper grocery bags or 2 boxes. Tell your kids they need to find 10 things they no longer love... and 10 broken toys or trash. Have at it! I promise you only need 5 minutes to get over the hump/fear/overwhelm!

Julie Bestry said...

OK, Wendy, it's been three days--have you taken the plunge? Don't forget to share the details with us, and don't think of it as a family or household project. Think of it as active RESEARCH for your blog!