Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ladies who Lunch

I took the opportunity today to attend the "Next" magazine lunch at Peppers Clearwater resort here in Christchurch. there would have been 100 or so ladies from various walks of life who were there to listen to some speakers and enjoy a great lunch.
Unfortunately due to previous arrangements I only go to hear 1 speaker Dr Libby Ellis, she gave one of the most succinct talks on Hormone levels and their effect on stress mood and food I have heard for a long time. I will certainly make an effort to visit her when I am next in Auckland for a consult.

One thing that struck me though was the level of interest my fellow lunching ladies had in what it is I do as a Professional Organiser. One even made the comment "You should be up there speaking to all of us today", I would have loved to, however alas as an industry Professional Organisers are still very young and unknown. So until people hear us talk the talk then of course walk the talk, they do not get the value of what we can offer.

So a challenge for me over the next 12 months or so is to get on the next "Next" speaking lunch tour and spread the word about getting organised, how you can do it without too much stress and it's benefits. One thing that will help me with that is my book, due for release in the last quarter of 2008.

I am fast learning that speaking is my passion and speaking about getting organised is way up there on my topic of choice, so keep your eyes peeled for my name out there on the speaking circuit.

As a guest at today's one thing was clear and that is in order to be a memorable speaker you need to have passion for what it is you are speaking about, people know when you are passionate, it shows in your face and your voice and in the words you share. Dr Libby certainly had the passion and it resonated with me in a great way as it did with the other ladies at my table.

For me being able to share my passion through my blog, website, consults and speaking truly makes everyday a great one for me.

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Julie Bestry said...

Wendy, how about emailing or calling one or two of your lunch-table buddies and asking them to email or otherwise approach the meeting coordinator for the Next lunches? You'd be surprised how many meeting coordinators are hungry for motivating speakers on timeless topics like ours.