Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For all you regifters out there!

I have just been alerted of the most hilarious idea for Christmas by a fellow Professional Organizer in the US, Alison Spitzer Carter
This is perfect for all of you with excess stuff you do not need, love, like, want or you may even hate. You can re gift it with the help of this RE GIFTING KIT. The re-gift Kit is the perfect idea for those of you looking for an alternative to buying expensive Christmas gifts and needing to declutter at the same time.
As you can hopefully tell my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek and I am smiling at the ingeniousness of "" for coming up with the way to make money out of the business of re-gift. Well done and bravo.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rudolph threw up on my Christmas Tree.......Bens been decorating!

As I write this it is a cloudy Sunday afternoon here in Christchurch, I am sitting a few feet away from my 9 year old son Benjamin. He has taken it upon himself to be our Christmas Decorator for the 2008 holiday season.
He has collected the decorations from under the house and is enthusiastically creating what is likely to be the most unique tree and decorations. Who am I to spoil his fun and insist on a "Architectural Digest" style of decorations? No chance, for me Christmas is for the kids in our house and he is happily singing as he goes through the decorations and even creates new ones from scratch.
This may surprise many of you who make the assumption that because I am a Professional Organiser I have a home that looks like it jumped of the pages of a magazine, and that I would have colour coded and matching decorations. No chance, I have a family home with family decorations made by the kids and safely stored in one box during the year in our basement.
So often people stress over the duties of Christmas and getting everything done, my advice is chill out and let it happen in relaxed time. Stop and think about the real meaning behind why we are decking the halls. For each of us there will be a difference meaning to Christmas and the holiday season. For many it is about the Birth of Christ a celebration of his birth, for others it is about being with family, maybe it is about helping those less fortunate in the world, in NZ it is often about Summer vacation and for me it is about reflecting on the wonderful family, friends, success and challenges of the year passed.
So when we do really sit and think about why we are "Decking the Halls" do it with the spirit of what this time really means to you. For me watching Ben try and juggle two gold baubles and being free to express his creativity is a much better reward than having a perfectly decorated, color coordinated tree and dressings.
Now he is moving through to the Kitchen with a tinsel tree and going to do his magic there, oh the results will be superb no doubt.
Just remember, enjoy this time regardless of your beliefs and religion, and take time out to just be. Life is not about getting it perfect, it is about enjoying the moment.
At the end of the Holiday season when we return home from 2.5 weeks of camping on the beach, we will pack away Ben's fabulous creations. They will go back into the box and stored under the house, where we all know to find it for next Christmas.
This to me is a truly organised Christmas. Where you can relax and enjoy even if it does look like Rudolph threw up on your Christmas tree.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A little trumpet blowing!

                                                                                   Ralph Brown & Wendy Davie
This is just a quick note to share some exciting news I had this week. Yes I am about to blow my own horn. 
n Tuesday the National Speakers Association NZ Christchurch Chapter gave out their annual awards. Last year I was thrilled to be named "Rookie of the Year".
This year though was an absolute thrill, I had all the hard work of the last 12 months truly recognised by the people who I can only describe as the most inspirational when it comes to my speaking career.
I was awarded the "Unsung Hero" award, "Peoples Choice" Award and one of 4 members who received the "Quill Award" for being published this year.
It was a true honor and thrill to be recognised by my Speaking peers. Thank you to all my friends and life assets at NSANZ Christchurch Chapter.

Other recipients on the evening were:
Presidents Award - Rachel Prosser
Orator                    - Ralph Brown
Shy to Shining       - Jennifer Manson
Rookie                    - Nanny van den Oever
Top Cat                  - Martz Witty
Quill                        - Dr Rodney Ford
                                - Ralph Brown
                                - Anne Howie

Thursday, December 4, 2008

MOvember Update

Thanks to all my blog readers who supported Noel Chambers in his bid to be the highest fundraiser in MOvember
The opportunity to donate closes on the 10th December so it is not to late to support this amazing cause. Here is a pic of the Mo for you to see what you have been sponsoring. Well done Noel!
Visit Noels MOSPACE if you would like to make a donation!

Yes even YOU can have a holiday!

I was recently fortunate enough to be featured in an article in NZ Business Magazine about taking a break from your business. It was a great time to reflect on our place in business and if really are indispensable or not. 
It is often amazing how many people honestly believe that without them the world would stop revolving. I hate to be the one to break it to these people but reality is that, No the world will not stop revolving. Things will continue to tick over with or without you.
The same goes with business to a certain degree. If you have your systems well in place and working there is no excuse for a business owner to not have a holiday. There are things that need to be done to ensure that things continue to tick over and they are easy to put in place if you really are serious about having a break.
* Hire people that can do the job better than you. I am serious, that way you can relax in the knowledge that things are getting done in a way that allows you to stop micromanaging and hand over.
* Have all work and paperwork up to date, if you have fallen behind invest in a Professional Organiser to spend some time with you to get the paperwork up to date. that way there is not a scary pile waiting for you on your return.
* Have strong, workable and practical policies and procedures in place that are easy to follow and make the job easier.
*Train your staff to do the job in your absence. 
* Hire a virtual service, such as Admincorp to handle phone calls and book keeping etc. Well worth the investment.

Yes it is OK to relax and have a break, you, your family and your business will be better for it.
Happy Holidays.

PS: I certainly take my own advice here and have two amazing Organising Consultants in Jane and Clare, and yes I truly believe they can organise clients better than I can. 
our  family packs up and escapes before Christmas and have a beach Christmas without all the stress of a big family day and trying to please everyone. This is a hangover habit from spending many years living away from family. So it is normal for our family to have a Christmas SANS extended family. Now don't get me wrong I love my extended family, however we find a pre Christmas get together far less stressful and meaningful for us. Then we can chill out on Christmas day on the beach or by a river (me, Pete and the 3 kids). I recommend everyone try it at least once in their lifetime.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yes it is that time again

Ok now is the week that you should be getting your Christmas shopping finished. Yes I said finished. Many of you may not have started yet. 
However if you are serious about having an organised and less stressed holiday season. Try a different tack this year get it done early and don't go over board. Think of gifts that will not become clutter and are easy on the wallet.
Often it is the present buying that gets us into the biggest trouble, so buy stuff that will not become clutter. 
Some suggestions for clutter free and fabulous gifts this Christmas are:
* A new plant for the garden.
* Tickets to an event
* Wonderful home made baking or muesli
* Chocolate - always a winner for me!!!
* Voucher to learn a new skill
* Voucher for a massage, float tank or facial
* Offer to cook a meal and look after kids so someone can have a weekend off

The list of gifts you can give someone is endless, some of them will only cost you time others will help the environment.
I am keen to hear all your suggestions for fun, thoughtful, clutterfree and eco friendly gifts this Christmas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MOVEMBER is here!!

This is officially MOVEMBER here in New Zealand and a friend of mine is growing some facial hair to raise money for the following cause:

"The funds raised by Movember 2008 will be split between two of the best health charities in the country. Half will go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand's Out of the Blue campaign to help men experiencing depression and the other half will go to the Cancer Society of New Zealand who need funding for existing prostate cancer research programs and men's health programs."

So go to NOELS MOSPACE and make a donation for this amazing and fun charity event.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is your Clutter Left or Right?

How you vote is seen in the stuff you keep.

Today I found the neatest Blog posting by Bill Bishop, "The Big Sort", The stuff in your bedroom signals how you vote.
Today is voting day in the US, but also here in New Zealand we are having our national election on Saturday, so wanted to share this with my New Zealand Readers.
An abstract of the paper can be found by CLICKING HERE.
Did you know that the type of clutter you keep around you can be an indication of how you will vote?
An unpublished paper titled "The Secret lives of Liberals and Conservatives",  has looked at the underlying traits of left and right voters. This paper by Dana Carney et al. looked at how voting differences are based in basic personality traits.
Among many traits they researched one thing was the bedrooms of left and right voting college students. It was during the research they discovered that certain items where prevalent in the bedrooms of each.
So before you vote on Saturday have a look around you home, does your stuff give an indication of how you are planning to vote?
The left voters will have a tendency to collect Books, CD's, various music, art supplies and cultural memorabilia.
Whereas the right voters had a tendency to be neater with laundry baskets, Ironing boards, calendars, cleaning items and Containers.
Right wing voters also have a tendency to be more orderly and organised.
More information can be gleaned from Bill Bishop in his blog "The Big Sort" this is looking at this theory in relation to the US federal Election.
So what does your stuff say about you and how you plan to vote here in New Zealand on Saturday?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Are you a Morning Person?

Each of us has a unique time of day that serves us well and another time that does not serve us well at all. I know this because, I know for sure that I NOT a morning person. Never have been and have no intention to change that. This despite the best efforts of my family over the years.
So why is this important I hear you ask? The reason is for you to be able to perform at your optimum levels and achieve more in your day it is important to know when you are at your most alert and when you are at your least active (shall we say). By becoming aware of out best and worst times of day we can then make this time work for us. It seems to be a waste to spend your least attentive time doing your most difficult tasks. However many of us tend to do that without really thinking about it.
My challenge to you is to identify when you are at your peak performance during the day and when you have an energy slump. Once you have done this then you can begin to effectively use your time to handle difficult tasks at your most attentive time and easy stuff when you are low in energy. 
What got me thinking about this was today's 5.20am start to take my daughter and a friend to rowing practice. My husband who is a morning person gets great pleasure, I am sure, to see me roll out of bed and drive across town to then return to bed at 6.15am promptly fall back to sleep. You see he is the morning person in our home, so thinks it amusing that I groan and moan and then go back to bed. However alternately if I ask him to do something at 10pm I would get much the same response as I give him in the morning, you see I am a night owl.
There is no right or wrong as to whether you are a morning person or not, but can you retrain a night owl? Not at 42 years of age I say, you know "old dogs...."!!! However our daughter who is so so in the morning has trained herself to be a morning person through necessity and always wakes with a smile. Our 2nd child is a natural Morning person and has bounced out of bed at the crack of dawn since a young age with a beaming smile as well. However number three takes after me and it takes nothing short of a earthquake and crowbar to get him moving in the morning. Yet we all live harmoniously under the same roof, and do our best work at different times of day.
So find your best time and use it, and forgive those who's best time may be the opposite of yours.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Super Sexy Storage Stuff

Sometimes when we are just surfing the web we come across something really neat. This has happened for me this afternoon and I really wanted to share with you all. Check out this is an amazing collection of furniture and also super sexy storage stuff as well. I am going to spend some time today having a good look at some of these innovative and eclectic items listed on this great site.
MMM wonder if the Visa card is ready for a beating????

Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Plan Expert

I am fortunate to have a friend here in Christchurch that is a true leader and expert in her field. Her name is Anne Howie and she is "The Party Plan Expert"
Anne is an accomplished Speaker and has now written the definitive guide to building and running a successful Party Plan business. Anne has certainly walked the talk and is truly a leader in this field both here in NZ and internationally. If you or someone you know is In the Party Plan industry it is vital you get to know Anne and her business. 
Also she has written a Fabulous book. "Let's Get This Party Started" as a guide to starting and running a successful Business.  So get your hands on a copy of it today and get that business humming.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you "Accidentally Organised"?

Well this years "best" book on getting organised. Even if I may say so myself. Has been available in NZ bookstores for a little over a month now. It is quiet a buzz to see your work on display, which did happen in Wellington Airport (Thankyou Whitcoulls, Wellington Airport)
However I have had many requests from countries outside of New Zealand, so I want to give the opportunity for anyone to get hold of a copy of my book. "The Accidental Organiser". I have set up a paypal page to purchase it, all you need is a credit card. So if you are hankering to get your hands on "The Accidental Organiser" you can get it by CLICKING HERE
It works out to approx $20 USD including postage for my readers in the USA, and approx $30 AUD for my Aussie readers. 
So I am ready for your orders. Also if you do read it, I would love you to review it on your blog or website etc. I would be happy do the same for you, as it is all about sharing the love and being there for each other.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We are not indispensable!

Someone asked me an interesting question today, it got me thinking. This is the best kind of question. 
It was for a tip for people who think they are too busy to take a holiday. 
My response to this is you should never be too busy to take care of yourself. In any way, shape or form. I learnt this when I decided to employ staff. People thought I would have trouble not being in control, they thought I could not hand over the reigns to someone else to do what I have always done. This was a great lesson because, I have employed two wonderful women (Jane and Clare, Thank you both) who do my job better than I could do it. I kid you not, I learnt that I am not indispensable and that there are people out there who are equally or even more capable than me to handle certain jobs within my business.
So if you think you are too busy to look after yourself or take a holiday, think again. There will always be someone who can fill the void you leave especially with careful planning and consideration. You should never be too busy to care for your biggest asset, YOU.
So next time you hear yourself say, "I am too busy", outsource and get over it, because you to are not indispensable.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Remember the ME Time!

Here in New Zealand it is the last day of the School Holidays for the kids. We have had a great 2 weeks doing all kinds of stuff like tennis camp, modelling/drama school, flight day at the Air force Museum, Willowbank wildlife park, movies and so on. All in the endeavour to keep the kids happy and entertained.
I must admit the inside of my office has been a bit neglected also over the past 2 weeks. So on Monday I will be back with a vengeance to do some catch up at work.
Most of the activities have been kids orientated and I have felt a bit like the 5th wheel, however today we did something different. Some fab friends of mine Martz Witty & Jocelyn Scott of MARTZ LIMITED suggested we go bowling. So at 3pm on a Friday afternoon we went bowling. It was a blast. I took the three kids and Martz, Jocelyn and Myself bowled two games. It was such a departure from the usual Friday afternoon wind down (what wind down??)
It reminds me of the importance of taking out time to do the fun things and enjoy life. I am always sharing with clients the importance of ME time and not always walking the talk. So I think doing something like this is something we should all do more often. Pick a fun activity  you have not done in a while and then just go for it. Have a laugh, forget about work and the troubles of the world and enjoy yourself.
You only get one shot on this earth so make the most of it and do some ME stuff but remember. MAKE IT FUN!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting a Handle on Social Networking.

As many of you will know I am getting to know my way around the Social networks that are on the Internet. I was involved in an interesting, real life, conversation about this the other day. One particular person kept saying. "But doesn't it waste alot of time?", then "Sounds like a time waster to me!", and then "What is the point?" and so on.
That got me thinking. I am not an expert on any of these social networking sites, as a matter of fact I consider myself a relative newbie. however I recognise that sites such as :
To name just a few, are certainly the way of the future if you want any kind of global presence for your business. I am finding these fantastic tools for getting to know colleagues from all around the world as well as to keep in touch with family and friends.
So just how do you stop yourself from getting "hooked", "addicted" or "Wasting time" on sites such as these.

1) Know your purpose - Have a reason for using these sites. For me it is business focused and a way to expand my professional networks. For a friend of mine it is purely personal and a fun outlet. So by recognising why you are using a particular site you can be focused when using them.

2) Schedule your time - Just as you would a  business networking event or fun social function. make a date. Set up times in your day, week or month to be on these sites and keeping up with your friends and Connections you have made. Then stick to those times, try not to get sucked into staying online too long.

3) Have strong "real world" networks - Do not forget your real flesh and blood "touchable" connections, Friends and family. It is vital to continue to pick up the phone, meet for a coffee, sit fro a face to face chat and go out to dinner. Nothing beats the real time connections we make with fellow human beings, make these your priority.

These are just a few simple strategies to keep in mind as you get into the online social networking world. I am still learning my way around many of these sites, but am certainly enjoying the benefits of my friends I have online. So do not be afraid to dip a toes into some of these websites. You never know who you may connect with and where it will take you.
I am off now to learn more about digg, RSS, wiki's,atom.........oh the list goes on.
If you happen to find me on one of those sites do not be afraid to say hi, and possibly add me as a friend.
happy Social Networking.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Make the most of eDay!

Here in New Zealand Saturday the 4th October is eDay
eDay is a cars-only drive-through recycling event which gives you the opportunity to recycle old computers or mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable way.
Check out the website for your neared recycling drive through. 
HAPPY eDay!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My, How time flies!!!

Wow, I am amazed at how slack I have been in the blogging department of late, apologies to my regular readers for my
tardiness. It has been an incredibly rewarding, busy, tiring and fabulous couple of weeks. 
Please indulge me while I share. We always often forget to celebrate our success and I am going to do that here.
Over the past few weeks my publisher "Longacre Press" here in NZ have lined up some wonderful media appearance 
for me to promote my first book "The Accidental Organiser". 
They have been:
* "Campbell Live" - TV3
* Radio National - Kim Hill Program
* Newstalk ZB with Ali Jones
* Newstalk ZB Tauranga.
* KIWI FM - Breakfast with Whammo
* Newstalk ZB Wellington
* Plains FM - Canterbury
* CTV - Good Living Program
* "Otago Daily Times" feature
* "The Press" - At Home section (coming up)
* TVNZ - TVOne - "Good Morning" interview with Brendan Pongia
I think that is all of them, it has been a whirlwind of interviews and meeting people and travel. All really exciting
and hopefully going some way to selling millions of copies of "The Accidental Organiser".
It has taken some great scheduling in the family department to do this. As we are also in the midst of a major
renovation at home. My boys are squished into one small room while we have demolished their old bedroom, 
to make room for a new purpose built library/study and bedroom. We have also celebrate two Birthday's in our 
family, mine and Ben's 9th. So all in all a busy time. However not once did any of this become overwhelming. 
HOW? I hear you ask.
Organisation, communication and cooperation has been the key. So remember if you have busy and 
challenging times ahead take a leaf out of my book and thing "ORGANISE, COMMUNICATE & COOPERATE".
Remember if you have not got your copy of "The Accidental Organiser" yet, CLICK HERE or buy at your local NZ bookseller.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"The Accidental Organiser" in NZ book stores NOW!

I am excited to announce that "The Accidental Organiser" is now available in all good bookstores throughout New Zealand.
However I know that many of my readers are outside New Zealand and keen to get a copy. So I have made it possible by CLICKING HERE for you to buy it on line.
So get into those stores and buy my book, it is being distributed by Random House if your favorite bookstores does not have them in stock yet.
Enjoy, and happy reading.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Time Saving Service - That will win you brownie points

A friend of mine has just launched a new business here in Christchurch (and soon to be national!!!, no pressure Jodi).
This is great time saving service, that will also help put you i the good books of your loved ones fro a very long time. Check out Romantic Gestures at this is a must for anyone wanting or needing something special but do not have the time or imagination to put the wheels in motion.
Well done Jodi, and every success in your business.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am so Excited!!


I have just been announced as a finalist in 2 catagories of "The David Awards"
I am a finalist in the "Outstanding Transitional Business" and the "Most Innovative or Quirky Business".
The awards are announced on the 2nd October 2008. Yippee, it is so great to be recognised.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Challenge Yourself!!!

On Saturday I was interviewed by Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand's "Saturday" Programme.
Click here to check it out and listen. I goes for approx 10 minutes.

"The Accidental Organiser" will hit the shelves here in New Zealand this Friday 12th September, so it is a very exciting week for me. I can hardly believe that I can add Author to my list of accomplishments in life.
I guess it means I should set you all a task to try and accomplish something in the next 12 months that you never thought you were able to.
Go on pick a goal, plan the steps and make it happen. I did and the rewards are amazing. Go on Challenge yourself.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What to do when it seems to much?

We all have days when life just seems to be steamrollering along and we cannot keep up. These are the days when we blow a fuse or lose our cool with those closest to us.
It does not matter how Organised you are, it is important to remember that we are all human and it can get too hard when you feel like there is too much to do and you cannot do it all on your own.
So what are some coping strategies for times such as these in our lives.
* Walk away - sometimes you need to just drop everything and take yourself away from the situation that is about to push you over the edge. Try and walk away before you get pushed over the edge, not after. (or you may say or so something you regret)
* Do not expect perfection - It is important not to put your own expectations onto others. They will have different expectations to yours and they may not understand why you are losing your cool or getting frustrated.
* Lead by example - Walk the talk and be a leader by showing those around you what you would appreciate.
* Acknowledge & reward - When you see things getting done and people pitching in and sharing tasks etc take the time to acknowledge this and maybe introduce a reward system.
* Use a roster system to get chores done - Kids are old enough from about the age of 3 to be given set chores/tasks around the house. Start simply and remember acknowledge and reward.
* Consequences - Along with reward need to come consequences. If assigned chores/tasks are not done have a penalty system in place.
* Simple rules - Imagine if people put tings away when they had finished with them, shut things after opening and cleaned up messes they made without leaving it all laying around with the expectation someone else will do it. Make these the simple rules in your home - Put it away, shut it, clean it up if you own it, did it or made it it is your responsibility to attend to clearing it up.
* Never ever ask someone to do something you would not do yourself.

I hope these are helpful to anyone out there who has trouble trying to stay organised and simplified by feel like everyone around you is doing there best to make it impossible.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh How Embarrassing!

Yes, sometimes even the Organising Guru gets caught out.
This happened to me yesterday. I flew to Sydney for my mothers birthday this weekend. So am writing this from my Sisters home in Sydney, much warmer than Christchurch, that is for sure.
However, I packed and set off to the airport in my car. parked, checked in, went through Customs, did a little shopping then I realised........"Oh Crap" I had left me Mobile Phone in the Centre Console of my car. Now my phone is also my planner and notebook so it is something I like to have handy. it also serves as the lifeline between me and my family when I am travelling.
What to do????
Thanks goodness fro Rina and Tanith from the Air New Zealand International Lounge. Rina reassured me I was not the first, my keys were handed over, directions given to my parking spot and Tanith dispatched to retrieve said phone.
So I have been happily reunited with my Mobile Phone and continued my travels with no further hiccoughs.
So see even Organising Guru can make a faux paus and forget something.
Have a great day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unveiling "The Accidental Organiser"

Here it is, the most anticipated book of 2008 .......
I am excited and delighted to share with you the cover of my first book, "The Accidental Organiser" which will hit the shelves in NZ on the 19th September.
The fantastic team at Longacre Press have been amazing in supporting me and helping me get to this stage, I thank them greatly for their patience with this first time author.
Random House is distributing this book here in NZ, so it will be on the shelves of your favourite bookshop soon. If it is not then make sure you ask them to order it in.
They say writing your first book is like having a baby, I say the anticipation is very similar, but hey where is the "Happy Gas" when you need it, LOL.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A funny way to end the Olympics !!!

This has nothing to do with organising but I found it quiet a funny way to sign off at the end of the Olympics. A huge thanks to Michelle Robin for sending this through by email to me this afternoon. Enjoy, be warned some are a little risqué.....

Here are the top
9 comments made by NBC sports commentators so far during the Olympics:

1. Weight-lifting commentator: 'This is Gregorieva from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing.'
2. Dressage commentator: 'This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother.'
3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.'
4. Boxing Analyst: 'Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.'
5. Softball announcer: 'If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.'
6. Basketball analyst: 'He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces.'
7. At the rowing medal ceremony: 'Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew.'
8. Soccer commentator: 'Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field.'
9. Tennis commentator: 'One of the reasons Andy is playing so well is that, before the final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them... Oh my God, what have I just said?'

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Chore Wars" to the rescue!!

I am always being asked how do I get the family and kids involved in Keeping the home organised and in order. Unfortunately there is no simple answer, but Jennifer Hunter a Professional Organiser from Medford, Massachusetts has shown me a fun possibility.
That si "CHORE WARS" an online game that encourages the family to get involved with the household chores/tasks with gusto and competition.
Thanks Jennifer for sharing your find with us and if you are a family who is looking for a fun innovative way to get things done then check it out.
Go to and let the games begin. Have fun!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Global Warming and Getting Things Done!!!

MMMMM, Global Warming?????? This is the 4th time this winter we have woken to have a beautiful blanket of snow covering our suburb.
This is the view from my kitchen window at 7.30am. The boys school is closed and Grace cannot get the bus as the road is closed. Also it seems our Sky TV is also not working due to "Atmospheric Conditions". So I ask you where is this global warming. Here in NZ we have had phenomenal Snow Dumps on our ski fields and the temperatures are definitely lower than last winter where we had no snow at home and the ski fields had their worst year in ages.
So how do I go about my business today. Well it starts with cars being turned so we do not need to reverse down our steep hill driveway. My husband has safely made it down the hill, so it will be my turn next. I hate driving in snow!!!!
I am planning to keep the 2 scheduled appointments I have this morning and then hope I get up the hill when the time comes to head home.
This afternoon will be the perfect time to pack up my office. This job is well under way and it has been fun sorting through my home based office and seeing how much unneeded stuff even I keep in my office. Then I need to sort Home stuff from "Totally Organised" stuff.
So if you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck at home due to weather or some other strange phenomena then make the most of it and tackle those less than favourable tasks. You become your own captive audience so make it work for you, I certainly plan to.
Some things you can do when you are stuck at home:
* Clear out your junk drawers
* Write some letters to old friends
* Sort out your wardrobe
* Sort out your bookshelves
* Download music onto iPod
* Do the ironing
* Clean out the linen cupboard

Sometimes the strangest times can be the most productive. However if you are stuck in the type of situation I am today with too much snow, get out there and have fun in it as well.
The toboggan has just come out of storage and my kids are blasting down the drive, I had better go join them.
Keep warm and have a great day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Taking the Plunge!

I have exciting news on the business front. I am running away from home as of the 1st September. I have been running my business as a home based business since I started in 2003. However that is about to change. I will be relocating to a fabulous office with a couple of other previously home based businesses.
We have all known each other for over 15 years and decided that for cost and productivity purposes we are going to pool our resources and brains and share an office. We have found a fab space with room for 3 workstations and even space for a relax zone.
I am incredibly excited to be moving from home based to office based. There are many reasons for this excitement. One of the biggest is the increase of motivation that comes with being around other motivated and creative people. The team I will be sharing with definitely fall into the category of "Life Assets" for me. They are the type who when you are with them you feel good about yourself, feel like you can take on the world and be successful in everything you try.
My new office colleagues are the type of people we all should seek out when we want to have great positive vibes around us. These are the type of people you need to seek out and spend time with in order to attract more success into your life.
Now the big decision is do we call this space "The Think Tank" or "The Office"?????
If you want to know more about what I mean by "Life Assets" get hold of a copy of Septembers edition of HER MAGAZINE and read my article on "People Clutter", a phrase I have coined for all those people that do not serve a positive purpose in your life, and who you need to deal with. Also it helps you to identify those people who are "Life Assets". I first wrote about "People Clutter" in this blog some months ago, Check it out
Well I had better zip off and start packing up my home office and get ready for the move. Any Takers to help me out!!!
I promise a piture of the new office after we move in on September 1st.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Curveballs - How to dodge them

Be prepared, Be prepared, be prepared.
Life throws curve balls, and we need to be prepared in order to catch them on the fly. I have had an interesting couple of weeks that has demonstrated the importance of this preparedness.
As you know from my post last week I was in geelong with a friend recuperating from surgery. This week I am doing my civic duty in a court case, yep Jury Duty. I can say no more about that except, it was not the type of lottery I would want to win often. This civic duty is likely to last more than 1 week.
So these are two real curveballs. As those of you who know me, also know that I have my business, family and life in general to juggle as well. So was I prepared?
YES, is the answer. here are some things you can have in your life to make sure things run smoothly when you are not where you normally would be.
* Have great childcare lined up, with back up options as well.
* When travelling always print out your confirmations. (take note Mercure Geelong), who claimed I had not booked when I went to check in, I had my email confirmation to show the stroppy receptionist when they questioned me.
* Keep all your mobile devices well charged, Pack your chargers and an adapter if required as well. Mobile mini chargers are great for carry on and handbags.
* use a slow cooker/crock pot - this has made meal preparation a cinch whilst being in court all day. Still having dinner on the table when I get home.
* Do not forget to laugh. there is always someone worse off than you in this world and at least you are not 6 foot under. Take a deep breath and just get on with it.
* hug the ones you love when you can. Every opportunity you get.
These are just a coupe of the things that have served me well over the past 2 weeks. Not so much practical "Organising" tips, but real life helpful things that can make the difference between a great curveball and one that knock your teeth out.
Keep Smiling, I will resume normal service sometime soon. but I am always here if you have a question.
PS: Annette, I will be answering your Organised travel question very soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do your best to keep well!

I am writing this blog from Geelong. That is a place about 1 hour away from Melbourne in Australia. I flew over yesterday to spend a few days with a friend who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Why is it that it takes something like this for other to start thinking about their health and wellbeing? My friend has always been very health conscious and it was Breast self examination that located this ugly beast, and caught it early for a great prognosis. I can almost bet that most women I know do not take the time to do this regularly. I too am guilty as charged.
Oh and you blokes (fellas)are not being let of the hook here......Testicular cancer......Self check!!! Also we can look after each other, if you have a partner and notice something different during those intimate times, say something. It could save a life, as with the case of someone I know who alerted her partner of a lump and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Just do it if you are in doubt say something. Better of to check and be given the all clear if it is nothing that leave it and regret it later.
I know this is way off my normal topic, but hey sometimes it is important to do this if it can make a difference. So go forth be healthy and be well.
Also remember to be there for your friends and family, they are the most important things we have in our lives.
Have a wonderful day, and look after yourself.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality Check - What Organising really takes!

I am thrilled that we finally have an NZ made program on Television that deals with the issue of clutter in peoples homes. This program is "The Big Stuff" and airs on a Thursday evening on TV3. This is wonderful as it shows people that there is help out there if you need assistance to get organised. Here in New Zealand we are such a young industry that most people have never heard of a Professional Organiser let alone thought of hiring one. So "The Big Stuff" is creating some awareness of this amongst the general public.
However I have had a few queries of late about just how a Professional Organiser operates and if it is realistic. On digging deeper with these queries I have discovered they have watched "The Big Stuff" and are potentially distressed at the methods used in this particular program.
The thing that worries them most is the speed at which the "Clients" are expected to make decision about their belongings. In the "Big Stuff" what the viewer sees is people being told they have 30 minutes to unload a truck containing ALL their worldly goods and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go, in 30 Minutes!!
I must be honest here and after 4 1/2 years experience of working with clients I have never put this kind of pressure on a client and after asking many colleagues none of them have either. So even though it is great to be getting industry exposure, sometimes we need to be wary of the impression this type of exposure is giving the general public.
To expect people to make decisions in a very small time frame is unrealistic and potentially dangerous, especially if the client is not ready to part with some items, or if only one of the couple/family is truly on board with the organising process. Sometimes people need time to process, consider (different to procrastinating) and even grieve for items they have and are looking to get rid of. Also finding the best way to dispose of an item can take time and thought, so getting people to sort through their stuff in 30 minutes is not something an experienced Professional Organiser would do with a client. As working with a Professional Organiser is about more than just "Chucking Stuff" it is about what is behind the stuff, the thoughts, feelings. memories and situations that have created the clutter issue in the beginning. It is about working alongside a client to transfer the skills of becoming more organised, so they can move forward with the strategies and skills that work for them. It is not a "everyone fits in the same box" kind of process, every clients will respond and work differently and these are things that need to be considered during a session with a Professional organiser.
I will clarify this again by saying that the 30 minute sort out is what the viewer sees. This may not be a true reflection of the full process that actually occurs during the making of the program. However this is what the viewer sees and forms their perception of what may happen if they work with a Professional organiser, Perception is reality for most people.
So if you are one of those people that have been "put off" calling a Professional Organiser because you have seen this. Rest assured, in real life this is not how it happens, at least not with Totally Organised clients.
It also goes to reinforce the importance of using a reputable Professional Organiser and the best way you can do that is ensure they are a member of their local Association such as (in Aus or NZ) (in the US) and Or if you have a real hoarding and chronic disorganisation issue you can also contact (US based but I am a member of this Association).
All kudos to "The Big Stuff" for highlighting that people can get help with Clutter, however it really is buyer beware and important for you to shop around and find the best Professional Organiser for you and your needs, ask questions and if you do not like the answers ask someone else. It is all about choice and making the right one for you.
Happy Organising!

Monday, June 30, 2008

So what do you think?? Increase productivity or decrease human communication?

A wonderful Professional Organiser from the US, Alison Carter sent a link to an article about how Instant Messaging (IM) is helping increase productivity is some workplaces. Read it here!
mmmmmm.....This got me thinking. Are we dehumanising the workplace even more with a move to this type of communication? Don't get me wrong, I am all for increasing productivity, however as a person who works from a home office and often yearns for face to face communication, this seems weird to me. I can certainly see the use in some instances but for IM to become the norm in an office environment just seems like overkill and depersonalising.
Often we ask the questions, "What is wrong with society?, Why the increase in Crime?, Don't people care any more?". Some of this can be answered by looking at how we are becoming less and less personal in our interactions with each other.
Kids do not pick up the phone and call friends any more, they text each other. People no longer just stop by and say hi to their neighbours and friends as we are too busy. People seem to be forgetting how to relate on a face to face and conversational level.
So I worry that this type of "communicating" in a work environment will take us another step closer to not needing to address each other on a "real life, human" level.
Like I said I am all for increasing productivity, but at what cost? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inbox Zero - Merlin Mann, 43 Folders.

Here is an amazing tool for those of you who think you are unable to tame your email inbox. Check out the video.

This takes an hour, but it will be an hour well spent. Or you can just subscribe to his blog.

Enjoy and have a fab weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gain and extra hour at work - without doing overtime!!!

Have you ever wished you could get an extra hour in your day to get the stuff done you need to at work?
Today I am going to share with you a couple of tips to get that extra hour in your workday. There is a catch though. It will require some action on your part. However I can promise you that if you take the prescribed action you will get that extra time.
This is a quickie but certainly a goodie, so here it is. If you do this when you go to work tomorrow I promise your productivity will rocket.
1) DO NOT check your emails as soon as you arrive in the office - I can hear you all groan now. But hey, the emails will not go anywhere. So do not open your email program, YET.
2) Take out a piece of paper and write down all the tasks you need to get through that day, make sure you note all the tasks, even the yucky ones.
3) Pick the two tasks that you least want to tackle. You know like that awful phone call you need to make or the difficult proposal you need to write. Then DO THEM NOW, FIRST, PRONTO. Great, I bet that feels better
4) Now you can check your emails.

By changing your morning routine to do these things in this order, you will have an increase in productivity that will equal at least an extra hour of time. HOW? I hear you ask.
The reason is:
1) Your emails are a distraction, each email you respond to will take between 2 and 20 minutes of your time. So by prioritising your day before you get sidetracked by emails you have a clear picture of what you really need to achieve.
2) Doing the two hardest and least desirable tasks first makes the rest of the day a breeze. All your other tasks will be a cinch after doing the hard stuff. Also knowing you have a horrible task to do can distract you, so getting it done first decreases the amount of mental distraction you carry throughout your day. This mental distraction will reduce your ability to perform effectively, so getting rid of it makes you more effective = productive.
3) Checking your emails after setting your daily priorities and doing the hard tasks allows you to approach your inbox with a renewed perspective. You know what your priorities are and you are less likely to waste time on emails that do not serve a purpose.

So go on, I dare you to challenge yourself to get an extra hour in your workday and increase your productivity. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Oh and while you are in your email program, switch of that pesky "you have mail" notification, ahh there you go another way to increase your time and reduce distractions.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Seems my website is working again and also I seem to be getting my emails, hooray. Life resumes as normal.
Have a fab one, thanks Jeri and Julie for reading, checking and commenting. you guys rock.

What is it with me and Technology?

I woke at 4am this morning, still on Europe time I think!!! So I got up at 5am and thought I would tackle some work.
We have the AAPO AGM today and Committee meeting as well as a weeks worth or being away to catch up on. So communication is vital today. However I log in to outlook and get error messages, then I try and check my mail through webmail, and get more error messages. My website is DOWN. I am on a technological desert island. Totally cut off from the world, LOL. At least that is what it feels like.
I am finding technology more and more frustrating. My webmail keeps telling me (3 times in past 2 weeks) that my mailbox is full and emails will be rejected. I log in and there is nothing in my mailbox, go figure. This always happens on a Sunday or when I am overseas, so a quick fix is not easy. My web hosts take ages to reply to my emails, if they bother at all, which doubly sucks.
Biy what is it with getting good reliable and working service these days??
I just needed to vent big time. But hey if you want to email me with sympathy or ideas, you can't, your email will bounce, AAARRRGGGHHH.
Thank you to blogger for giving me the forum to vent my frustration at 5.41am on a Monday morning while I am jetlagged, and thank you for listening.
I think I will go walk the dog, Banjo, in the dark and rain this morning, maybe that will help me feel better?
I promise a more upbeat non venting post later today or tomorrow. also I will be back with news of the ISP being fixed, sooner rather than later, I hope.
Have a great Monday, cause I sure as hell ain't..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello from Ireland

Just a quick note from "rainy" Dublin.
We have had a great 5 days in Ireland and loads of interesting journeys and dinners. I am currently sitting in "the Clarence Hotel" in Temple Bar Dublin. Pete and I are about to go and visit the Guinness Beer factory. I will stick to my cider, and we are heading back to NZ tomorrow.
I will do a much fuller report on my return, but just wanted to say hi.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Special Announcement - Yippee to me!

Last night was our monthly Chapter meeting for NSANZ - Christchurch (National Speakers Association of NZ). I almost did not go as was feeling a touch under the weather, and still have preparations for my trip to Ireland tomorrow.
Well I am glad I did, as we had some fantastic speakers; Anne Howie and Jennifer Manson from our membership ranks and then the special guest for the evening Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw
Also as part of the night our President, David Clarkson, presented me with my ASM (Accredited Speaking Member), this is the first award on my way to the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation. I also received my completed Professional Development Certificate as well, along with Roydon Gibbs & Jocelyn Scott.
I am so excited as I have achieved this in 18 months as a member of NSANZ - Christchurch Chapter. I love my speaking career, it is something that really lights my fire and I am truly passionate about. So this recognition makes it all worth while. I encourage all my fellow NSANZ members who have not applied for Accreditation to get on the path, it is really a great way to set you up for speaking success.
I apologies for the very "me centric" post today, but I wanted to celebrate and share my success.
Wendy Davie A.S.M

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ahh Saturday Musings!

I am sitting in my office, looking out at beautiful large snowflakes drifting down outside. I am also listenisng to "The O Myth"
This is a fantastic Blog radio program by my NAPO buddies Krista Colvin and Brandie Kajino, so have a listen a great program on getting everything done. Fantastic job you guys, you really are trailblazers inthe industry.
Wow, snow is still falling and I need to get ready to go to the Cancer Society fund raising ball tonight, we will get a bit cool in our ball gowns in the snow, LOL.
I am also excited to announce that I am lined up for a 2nd term as the President of AAPO (The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers).
I have a wonderful team on the executive committee for the upcoming year, they are Angela Esnouf - VP, Wendy Hanes - Secretary, Gaye Cherry - Treasurer and Karen Koedding, Rebecca Johnston & Rebecca Mezzino as our general committee members. I would also like to publically acknowledge Sarah Cottman & Angela Miller-Davis who have been an amazing asset to AAPO during the current Committee Term, Thank you to both of you for your amazing support and work over the last 12 month.
Well I had better get ready for the Ball, have a wonderful weekend.
PS: The above pic is of my kids in 2005 when we had a big snow at our house, you can see we have a fab driveway fro tobogganing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Auckland Professional Organiser & other stuff (the big Stuff)

I am sitting in Auckland Airport waiting for my flight home, still feeling very chuffed about the brilliant job Jane did yesterday in my Boy's room.
I have been up here for the day meeting Clare Gregory, who is my new Organising Consultant in Auckland, and let me tell you she is wonderful. It is great to finally be able to offer services in NZ's largest city, Auckland. I know that Clare will be brilliant.
I heard yesterday the TV3 is starting a new program "The Big Stuff" in a couple of weeks and it will no doubt do wonders to lift the industry profile here in NZ. A few AAPO members (myself included) were approached to audition for a TV3 program a while back, and while the job seems to have gone to a "Life Coach" not a "Professional Organiser" if this is the same program. I am confident it will portray the industry in a great light.
As for my audition, I was told they "liked me" (whatever that means) but being in Christchurch made it too hard for me to host the program, as it was being filmed in Auckland (1hour 20mins by plane away), I even offered to commute for the role, but missed out.
However when my book is released in September, I know that I will be incredibly busy with that and all the speaking I am booking up at present, so things certainly must happen for a reason.
All the best to the team at "The Big Stuff" for the premiere on the 19th June, I will miss it as I will be in Ireland, but I look forward to the reports I will get from my spies (the kids) at home.
However if you are inspired after seeing the program or any other of it's type, you know where to come for the most experienced Professional Organising Service in NZ. Yes US........shameless self promotion I know, but hey we deserve it.
Well I am looking forward to seeing the family tonight and flight leaves shortly, so will sign off. And as for Christchurch being too far away from Auckland, I woke at 6.30 in CHCH, breakfast with my daughter at home, flew to Auckland, had 3 meetings in Auckland and will be home in time for dinner, too far phewy, LOL...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yes I am human, but we did it!!!!

Whoohooo, you have no idea how good it feels. I did it, took the plunge and hired and organiser!! Yes today I had an amazing 3 hour session with Jane Madison-Jones, one of my amazing Christchurch Consultants, and became a client for a day.
It was brilliant and I am unsure why I waited so long. The best thing (other than the fabulously organised room) was I walked a mile in my clients shoes.
I felt sick to my stomach and nervous for 2 days leading up to our 11am appointment. This was at the prospect of "airing my dirty laundry" to someone else. Wow, it is hard, but so worth it. Everyone expects me to so organised, and normally I am, however my boys room had got to the stage I felt I was fighting a losing battle so I surrendered. I let the boys be in control of their room, what a disastrous disorganised mess it became. The boys are 8 and 10, but hey I do not believe a mothers place is to pick up after her perfectly able bodied children, so I let them be in charge of "their space" Here is the result:

Well enogh was enough, I was so over their stuff and clutter, it felt too hard to tackle on my own, yep this Professional Organiser is human, and called in my expert.
We worked hard and I delivered 40 kg (88lbs) of stuff to the refuse at the end but we have a fabulously organised and tidy room. Not sure how long it will stay tiday for but definatley organised.
We are about to demolish that end of the house to do a major renovation in the next few months, so some said why bother, but this is the reason why, check it out:

So I dare everyone of you out there to get stuck into the Organising project you have been putting off. I can tell you it feels BLOODY MARVELLOUS!
If you feel it is too hard then get some help, stop putting up with average when you can have fabulous.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to Winter

Hey Team,
Well it is officially winter here in NZ, June 1st. Only three months till spring, and you know what that means for a Professional Organiser, yep the busy season. Spring cleaning comes alive.
Now here is an idea, just for fun. How about you spend some of those upcoming cold winter days sorting your stuff. MMMM, now why? I hear you ask, because then when Spring comes you can get of your Winter cushioned butts and enjoy the warmer weather instead of Spring cleaning. Now there is an idea I could go with.....
So lets get into some Winter decluttering so you can enjoy a Spring Fling, instead of Spring Cleaning. The next day off you have that is cold, wet and miserable get into your wardrobe and biff out all the stuff you no longer need or love, then hit the pantry & fridge, then clear out your bookshelves and so on till winter is over. You will thank me for it, I promise.
Now for all my loyal friends and colleagues in the northern hemisphere, I say to you, just get out there and enjoy your Summer leave the decluttering till next winter, just kidding!! We know there are icky days in Summer too sometimes, so you guys use that. Then come next winter for you, icky days can be spent on the sofa with a good red and a great movie.
Ahhh gotta love Winter. Rug up my fellow southern hemi readers and rock on in summer for you northerners.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Article in the Wall Street Journal

A wonderful Professional Organiser I met in Reno, Monica Ricci, has in her blog today a link to a great article everyone should read to learn more about Professional Organisers. Monica's blog is one of the best blogs by a Professional Organiser doing the rounds and I urge all of you to visit it.
Here is the link to the article she mentions "Helping Clients End Chaos"
Often people just do not "get" what it is a Professional Organiser does and this link will be a great starting point for you to begin to get the picture. Also another great way is to check out the before and after pictures on a Professional Organisers website. Also if you are contemplating hiring a PO, then always ask for references if you are unsure it will be worth the investment. A good PO will always have clients who will give a verbal testimonial if required.
There are many rogues out there, so ensure your PO is a member of one of the Professional Organising Associations in your area (NAPO, AAPO, POC, NSGCD for example) this shows they are serious about their industry and professionalism. Also most association have a Code of Ethics that provides some level of protection for your privacy when you work with a member of the association. If your PO is not a member then ask them "Why not?", you may be surprised at the answer. If they say they did not know there is one, then they have done very little research before setting up their business to not be aware of this, and you would need to question the seriousness of their intention when they commenced trading.
If they think they are "so expert" that they do not need the an association, then they are unlikely to take the industry itself seriously enough to support the growing professionalism of it and are probably so set in their ideas that they are unlikely to listen to your needs, because they feel they already know everything there is to know about Organising. This is so not true, as one of NZ's veteran organisers I learn something new about my Profession everyday whether that be from colleagues or even clients.
If they say they cannot afford the joining fee, then they need to seriously think about whether they are committed to having a PO business, as the support, resources and networking provided by an association will be one of the best investments they make in their business and for their clients.
So go forth and find a PO for you, but do check their credentials, references, and experience. In such a young industry there are many "fake it before you make in PO's" out there that may not have your best interests at heart.
Have a fab Friday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A fab find in Cashmere

I was lucky enough to receive a flyer from a neighbour recently about her new business (with a friend) NORDICSTYLE. I popped into her home based store yesterday and was delighted by the quality and colours of these fabulous items.
What an amazing treat for someone who has just recently decluttered to spoil themselves with something from this range. Visit .
The two stores are in Cashmere and St Andrews Hill if you are in Christchurch.
Go on spoil yourself!I did by buying a beautiful red & white throw for the family room sofa that was beginning to look a little worse for wear

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love the new car signage!

Gotta Love the new sign for my car. It matches the current lettering perfectly and looks so cool. Not to over the top but the details are there and I figure with all the driving I do it puts in front of many sets of eyes each day.
This is from and was only $148 + gst. So if you are looking for some slick ideas that look cool. I highly recommend this.

Mustering Up the Courage

As my regular readers know, I am not naturally organised,and work at it everyday. I have made huge improvements in my own life over the years and have things on a pretty even keel now.
However, (That is lie a BIG BUT!!) there is one room in my home at the moment where I fear to tread..........The boys bedroom, it is a PO's nightmare.
I am a firm believer in kids doing there bit around the home and picking up after themselves. Yet my boys seem to be allergic to this concept. The bedroom shared by my 8 and 10 year old boys is an absolute organising nightmare. Now I have been avoiding the inevitable as we are about to do a major renovation and demolish their room. Maybe I could do this while the clutter is still in there, I keep hoping. However that really is not possible.
I am putting off getting in there and getting it sorted, it is one of those areas that just feels too hard on your own. Now I have the possibility of having one of my trusty "Organising Consultants" offer me a hand, but that would be a bit tricky for them, de cluttering the Organising Guru's kids bedroom. There are no other Professional organisers in Christchurch that I can call to offer the job to, so I will persevere and get it done.
I have a deadline to do this job, that is the 12th June, before the Nanny moves in for a week while I am in Ireland. So I keep thinking it will get done eventually, maybe the organising fairies will visit one night while I am asleep!!!
This little issue of mine really highlights the way getting your own stuff organised can be a real de energiser. When you live with a problem it is hard to see the easy solution and gather up the motivation to tackle the task. It is when you feel like this that calling in the Pro's is a real option. If I get help with this task it may take only 2 hours, however doing it on my own will take about 6 hours (I know this from past experience!!). So I will keep you posted on how I managed to get over my procrastination hump, and if I relent and call in the Pro's.
If you have a part of your home or office that feels similar to this then maybe you can look at the option of having a Professional Organiser come and help you get over that hump. There is nothing better than looking at an issue with a fresh set of eyes and a new set of strategies and that is what a Professional Organiser will do.
MMMMMM I may have just convinced myself to call on either Jane or Jeanne (my trusty Christchurch Organising Consultant's) to help me get over my Organising hump.
Have a fabulous day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Enjoy the talent of another...

I was just sent a link to the coolest time waster I have seen for a while it goes for 2.5 minutes and is very clever. Reminds me of how little I know about what we can do with our computers. Thansk Michelle for sending it to me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crying into my keyboard

Here is a lesson for everyone.
BACKUP your files.
My hard drive on my main computer crashed on Sunday night, as I reported in an earlier post. I collected my computer this afternoon and plugged her in. The guys at "PC anytime" had managed to recover most of my data. But it is like opening a new computer. All my settings and many programs have vanished into the ether of cyber land.
So far this evening I have reinstalled Mozilla Firefox, Palm Desktop and Skype. I have redone my email signature and also had to add all my email accounts to my outlook. What a challenge and a pain.
What I cannot locate is my Quicken program and contents. Lucky for me our Financial year started on 1st April, so only have 6 weeks of data to re enter. My new e-organizer pro CRM software has also vanished, however the excel version of all my customer databases still exist and I can locate them, Hooray.
So this is a timely message to BACKUP YOUR HARDDRIVE, don't just think about it do it and do it today, because even when you don't lose your data a new hard drive is like reconfiguring a whole new computer and takes time and patience.
Oh well back to the grindstone.......

Ladies who Lunch

I took the opportunity today to attend the "Next" magazine lunch at Peppers Clearwater resort here in Christchurch. there would have been 100 or so ladies from various walks of life who were there to listen to some speakers and enjoy a great lunch.
Unfortunately due to previous arrangements I only go to hear 1 speaker Dr Libby Ellis, she gave one of the most succinct talks on Hormone levels and their effect on stress mood and food I have heard for a long time. I will certainly make an effort to visit her when I am next in Auckland for a consult.

One thing that struck me though was the level of interest my fellow lunching ladies had in what it is I do as a Professional Organiser. One even made the comment "You should be up there speaking to all of us today", I would have loved to, however alas as an industry Professional Organisers are still very young and unknown. So until people hear us talk the talk then of course walk the talk, they do not get the value of what we can offer.

So a challenge for me over the next 12 months or so is to get on the next "Next" speaking lunch tour and spread the word about getting organised, how you can do it without too much stress and it's benefits. One thing that will help me with that is my book, due for release in the last quarter of 2008.

I am fast learning that speaking is my passion and speaking about getting organised is way up there on my topic of choice, so keep your eyes peeled for my name out there on the speaking circuit.

As a guest at today's one thing was clear and that is in order to be a memorable speaker you need to have passion for what it is you are speaking about, people know when you are passionate, it shows in your face and your voice and in the words you share. Dr Libby certainly had the passion and it resonated with me in a great way as it did with the other ladies at my table.

For me being able to share my passion through my blog, website, consults and speaking truly makes everyday a great one for me.