Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am excited and honored to present to you the 1st Edition of "Totally Organised" the Magazine.

Some of the amazing contributors include:

This is the 1st Edtion of a Bi-Monthly Magazine. the next edition is due on the 1st February 2011. So read and enjoy, also this is your magazine so get in touch if you want to "Ask the Organiser" or advertise in this exciting new magazine.

Enjoy totally organised - The Magazine


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

EARTHQUAKE - Rethinking how we look at our STUFF!

The range of the 7.1 Magnitude Quake
As many of you know, we had a massive 7.1 Earthquake here in my hometown, Christchurch, on the 4th September 2010. It was an incredibly frightening and leveling (no pun intended) experience. Since the main JOLT we have also endured over 2500 aftershocks ranging in magnitude from 1.5 - over 5 on the Richter scale.

Suffice it to say, things in Christchurch have changed, it is no longer the same city it was before September 4th, and it's citizens also have been changed forever. As a Professional Organiser I have taken particular interest in the change of attitude to "STUFF", I am talking about material possessions we all have in our environment. I have observed and asked people about how they feel about their possessions, and if anything has changed. The responses have varied but their has been one common thread, that is that Stuff really does not matter as much anymore.
I know my own personal feelings in the days immediately following the quake included the desire to get a huge rubbish skip and strip my home of everything but the basic necessities. They were no longer important and in fact many seemed to be an intrusion on my space and home, I have spoken to many others who feel the same. One even said, "What is the point keeping all this stuff, when you can wake up in the morning and it is all destroyed?".
When I have spoken to people who have lost previously precious and sentimental items, many almost seem nonplussed about them now, where as there would be no way they would have discarded them prior to September 4th. They are grateful to have a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads, as we have many displaced families now in Christchurch as a result of their homes being deemed uninhabitable.
Another this I have been seeking information on is how many people are rushing out to replace items destroyed and damaged in the Earthquake. Interestedly there are few who are shopping up big, they are using insurance payouts to replace items they feel are important in their home like re-framing pictures, replacing TV's, new bed and crockery etc. Most are opting not to replace "luxury" or "entertainment" items like Wii, Playstations, ornaments and the like.
As for shopping, people tend to be heading to the Malls less than pre-quake and retailers have been reporting a decrease in sales, as people spend their money on necessities rather than luxuries. Maybe the malls are underpopulated as the raw experience of the 7.1 magnitude quake make being in an indoor mall undesirable at the moment, this will change. Every aftershock over 4.5 rekindles a sense of fear in most residents, and it is something you think you are OK with then you have a big shake and you are emotionally back to square one (but that is a whole other blog post)
This has not been a scientific survey, just my observations of how people have managed STUFF in the past 2 months. As we lead up to the busy Christmas season it will be interesting to learn what the big selling items in Canterbury (Quake region) are and if the amount we spend at this traditionally boom time.
What is obvious though is we are all now looking at our STUFF in a new light, embrace it and simplify, this is a lesson everyone can learn from this experience.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting kids to help - Good or Bad??

My fab son Benjamin is always wanting to help. I think it is because he wants to earn money more than his desire to be helpful. So last week he took it upon himself to write some ads for Totally Organised Get-togethers.  We are looking for consultants at the moment to sell the products, so this is his attempt to entice prospective consultants:

The owner and founder Wendy Davie is a finalist for the "Most Innovative Organiser" at the Los Angeles Organising Awards and has won many awards. This business was the first organising business in New Zealand and she also has workers in Australia.
There are many reasons why you should work for Totally Organised, there is lots of work, you can start up your own business doing work for Totally Organised. There is no pressure so if you are in too much stress you can turn down a job.
Totally Organised was developed in Christchurch but now is nationwide and starting to build in Australia. She is open to have consultants all over New Zealand and Australia.
You can get in touch by calling 0800337137 or on her mobile if you want to email her its

I only changed some crazy 11 year old spelling the rest are his words. There is a little poetic license but it is nice to see what I do in the eyes of one of the kids. So the decision now is should I hire him as my ad writer or let him finish hist education first. I think I will opt for the latter.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Goldmine in your Backyard!

Today I discovered a goldmine, full of riches and wealth beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. Would you believe I found this Goldmine in my immediate vicinity, and I have discovered that you too probably have the same goldmine lurking within reach.
Also I had been looking at this goldmine for ages but have never seen it. So I do not want you to have to wait as long as I did to uncover this wealth. I am talking about a wealth of information and support, ideas and challenges, motivation and inspiration, accountability and strength, this is something we all have within our reach if we just open our eyes and find it.

This discovery started with this Facebook comment I posted only 1 week ago -

Question: I need to change how I am doing something to get better results, but perplexed as to best next move, suggestions???

 Wow what an extraordinary turn of events followed, I discover that people out there actually had the answers and cared enough to share them with me. So I wanted to tap into this and see if it could become something I would use in the long term growth and development of my business. I set a date and sent the invitations to a "Brainstorming" session, at my home (which is also my office). I sent the invites to those who had responded to my initial post, as well as others who's business's, attitudes, successes, challenges and ideas have always been something I have admired and watched, 29 in all in Christchurch were on the list.

I ordered in lunch, set up the living/board room and waited.  

In they came Jay, Jody, Stuart, Anne, Cate, Ann-Maree, Phillippa, Margit and Paula. The brains trust, made up of varied skills, experience, professions all with one common theme: to help me answer that question. Not just a brains-trust but a GOLDMINE.

We set up the paper and the easel and got to work, they questioned, poked, challenged, rewarded, shared and gave....gave of themselves and their knowledge. What an experience, one that every person in business should do. It was wonderful to get the feedback and reflections of my business from those I know and trust. Also eye opening to see the perceptions of others as to what I do and do not do, and how much there is I can be doing.

As a result I have a brain full of ideas, challenges, actions and inspirations to take my business to the next level:

This is what I have learnt:

MY PASSION IS SPEAKING - I am happiest when I am presenting to a crowd and sharing knowledge that can transform my audience.

SALES AND RECRUITING ARE NOT MY STRONG POINTS - There are people out there who love doing the things that I don't, they can be sought out and contracted.

I AM AMAZING AND I UNDERSELL MYSELF AND MY SUCCESS - rarely do I talk about being an Author, Entrepreneur, Awards Finalist, regular TV and radio guest. I do not promote my celebrity and success enough, I need a pedestal and to be proud of my achievements. 

This is what I am going to be doing:

* More sharing of knowledge and inspiration through social media, blog, Magazines, TV, Newsletters, Interviews and other forms of Media.

* Find and empower the right person/people to do the work I dislike, but is essential to my business.

* Complete the Professional Organiser Training program I am writing so I can empower and army of Productivity Specialists to work with Corporate and Residential clients.

* Begin speaking regularly again. Letting Businesses (Large and Small) know I am here and what I can offer them to increase their efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

* Support and strengthen my current Totally Organised Direct Sales Consultants, so they too become raving fans of our brand and products as it rewards them in great ways and they love being part of our Company.

* Not be afraid to reach for the stars and take on the big challenges.

That is quiet a spectacular list and I am incredibly grateful to the fantastic brains trust that all help build this list, and who I know will be holding me accountable for what I do in my business from here moving forwards.


Find your own goldmine, it is out there all you need to do is look, ask and action. Make it happen, put it out there and you will be amazed at the wealth that you get from your own goldmine.

To my fantastic goldmine: I challenge each of you to do what I did today and open yourself up the the possibilities that come with the incredible wealth of talent you have hidden in your life. I am happy to be a small nugget in the goldmine of anyone that takes on the challenge.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WOW - That is all I can say!

What a day! I started at the gym having my butt royally kicked by Cate Grace from Leap2it. So was feeling very virtuous, checked my mail then hit the office.
I had already decided this would be a pivotal week in the business known as "Totally Organised" as I had planned to shake things up a bit, and really get this business humming.
Little did I know that it would become one of the most personally and professionally satisfying days in my career as a Professional Organiser. On checking emails and other online social networks, as I do, for me and the business. I opened the NAPO LA announcement for the finalists in the 2011 LA Organising Awards. Looking down at the names of some really amazing and revolutionary Organisers, Industry suppliers and others who work in the Organizing and Productivity Industry, my heart skipped a beat.

Dorothy Breininger
Wendy Davie Yep that is me :-)
Lorie Marerro
Monica Ricci
Beth Zeigler

What an incredibly illustrious list of industry champions and ME!!! I am amazingly humbled and honored to be on this list. So after my heart resumed normal rhythm, I took a moment to wonder. WHY AND HOW this honor had happened, so I decided to write down what makes me innovative in this industry. Here is what I came up with:

* New Zealands first and only Certified Professional Organiser (CPO (R))
* One of the earliest and longest running providers of Professional Organising services in New Zealand (Est. 2003).
* First Professional Organising Company in New Zealand to offer nationwide services with staff in main centres.
* Author of the book - "The Accidental Organiser" - 1st New Zealand book written and published about "getting organised at home"
* Innovator and designer of the Totally Organised range of Products.
* Introduced Organising by Party Plan - Selling products and solutions in fun group parties in homes and businesses.
* I enable people in New Zealand and Australia to start their own business selling organising products, that I source and design.
* Training and mentoring for those who wish to become Professional Organisers.
* The ONLY active founding member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO). Was there when it was just a concept and still am actively involved in this association having served 2 terms as President (07-08-09)
* Appear in the media in New Zealand sharing Organising and Productivity strategies, so that people can not only become more organised but also to increase the awareness of the Professional organising Industry.
* Created "Global Organizers and Productivity Professionals" as a Professional Organiser only network where colleagues from all over the world can network, share and promote their business and themselves.

I love this industry and those in it. I love that we can be global without leaving home. Also I am a true believer that if something is not working or times are tough then go out and find a better way. That is how the product line came about during the Global Financial Crisis, I decided to make it easier for people to access organising products and information without needing a on One - on - one Consultation. The service side of the business was slow, but was I going to give up and shut down, HECK NO!!!!! I decided to come at it from a new angle, hence Totally Organised get-togethers was born, and my business now is in New Zealand and Australia with plans for expansion into the UK and North America.

So WOW, is all I can say to being a Finalist with four other innovative, inspiring and fantastic Professionals. It truly is an honor I will treasure forever and it will also be the catalyst for many more great things in the future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Things We Keep

Last night I had the pleasure to speak to a large group at "St Stephans" Anglican Church here in Christchurch. These were the ladies of AWA (Anglican Womens Association). They had invited the men folk to the evening in the hopes I would shed some light on Organising some of those "Man Caves". They were a wonderful, fun and interactive group and I really enjoyed the presentation.
One thing that really stood out for me though was the introduction. One of the ladies had found a poem and it was read before I spoke, I loved it so wanted to share:

The Things We Keep by Audrey Denning

Tucked away in a dusty cupboard,
Look at all the scores of things we hoard:
Pieces of pencil, bits of string,
Gracious, whatever is that thing?
Electric switches, scraps of wire,
A stick or two for lighting a fire.
Masses of paper, magazines too,
We'll never have time to read all through.
Balls of wool, some knitting half done,
A crumpled certificate one of us won.
Boxes of cardboard, boxes of tin,
Once were used for keeping things in.
Now what did we keep that old brush for?
It's hardly fit for scrubbing the floor
Right at the back there is a can of old paint,
Whatever it was, it truly now ain't!
What's this? A Firebrick? What a find,
In the middle of summer that's quiet well timed!
A pile of nails, some pincers too,
Needed for the odd jobs we don't do.
A left-handed glove, the head of a rake,
Why were they kept for Heavens Sake?
Masses of rubbish, full to the doors,
This was my cupboard - Now turn out yours!

Thanks you for sharing such a fun, visual and real poem. It made me laugh and reminded me of many a cupboard I have helped some people sort through.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life Events that NEED a Professional Organiser!!!!

So often we hear about what it is a Professional Organiser can do, what you can achieve with the assistance of a Professional Organiser and why you should hire a Professional Organiser. Yet there can still be confusion about just WHO could hire a Professional Organiser.
So to help clear up the confusion I have compiled a list of the life events that will be immensely simpler and easier with the assistance of a professional organiser. So if you or someone you know are experiencing any of the following, then a Professional Organiser will help you get it sorted:
  • Having a baby
  • Getting Married
  • Moving House
  • Retiring
  • Doing your taxes
  • Relocating
  • Setting up a business
  • Merging two households
  • Having visitors
  • Clearing a Deceased Estate
  • Kids starting school or college
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Working from home
  • Volunteering at a club
  • Downsizing
  • Upsizing
  • Planning a party
  • Rooms being used for the wrong purpose.
  • Overflowing closets
  • Employing new staff
  • Renovating
  • Selling your home
  • When you get a Promotion or change of work (Thanks AnnMaree Ozanne from counting the Beans in Christchurch)
Any of the above are situations we can find ourselves overwhelmed by. Imagine having it sorted and simplified in a fun, productive and stressfree manner. It is possible, get a Professional organiser on board and feel the difference.
Please feel free to add any other Life Events that may be simplified with the help of a Professional Organiser.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So what does a Professional organiser do?

Today I discovered, thanks to twitter, a great website that lets the inner "Speilberg" or "Cameron" out. So I experimented with it and answered the common question.
What does a Professional Organiser do?? For a fun and cute explanation CLICK HERE
This is the first in "The Professional" a small series that will dispel some of the myths of organising and also give an explanation for some commonly used excuses we all use to stay disorganised.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Welcome to 2010, this is the year where life will change and things will never be the same, in a wonderful way.
The Organising Guru has (almost) been in hiding, working on an amazing project that will become an Internationally Recognised brand within 5 years. That brand is:


If you have not seen the new us, here is your chance CHECK US OUT.
So "what's in it for me?" I hear you ask....Heaps.

* We have developed for you a range of products that will simplify your life 
* We have sourced other products that fit the company mission and vision.
* You have the chance to start your own business, if you wish (NZ Only at the moment, but working on expansion)
* It is all about "Live, laugh and learn" the Totally Organised way
* Products are avaialble for purchase at get-togethers.
* You learn to use the products you purchase

This is a whole new concept aimed at taking organising to the masses through educational and fun get-togethers. You asked for getting organised to be simpler and more accessible, Totally Organised is delivering that to you starting NOW.

So here are the opportunities for you:

* Host a get-together and earn great products and rewards, have fun with your family and friends and start the year learning how to be more organised.

* Start your own business in 2010 as one of the 1st ever Totally Organised Independent Consultants. This is an amazing opportunity for you to be in on the Ground level of what will become one of New Zealands fasted growing companies. The rewards are going to be AMAZING

If you are not in New Zealand, but interested in the opportunities then contact us today, as we have expansion plans underway and are planning to be "live" in Australia in April 2010 then the US and Canada to follow. So if you are interested, we are interested.