Friday, April 18, 2008

When the energy is all wrong!

You know how there are days when you should and days when you shouldn't.
Well today was a day that we shouldn't. I worked with one of my favorite clients today, and in hindsight would have been better to reschedule for both our sakes.
We actually achieved quiet a bit today and whittled her "Action" tray down to 4 items from being the general dumping ground. Also we discovered some real deenergisers and also ways to overcome them in a future session.
However for the 2 hours we were together I could feel the energy in the room dwindling rapidly, her heart was not in it and she was feeling really BLAH (for want of a better word). So this is really a mental note to myself to in the future I will offer a reschedule to this client if I know certain things are going in her life on that coincide with our session, or if such and obvious energy lag is occurring to stop and reschedule the session.
I have returned to my office feeling Rather deenergised and dejected despite knowing that we achieved the major objectives of this mornings session. So will be spending a little time just realigning myself before I get on with the rest of my day. Writing about it here is part of that process.
So I thank you all for reading.
It is the weekend coming up and my kids are going on school holidays after today, so the energy completely changes in my home for the next two weeks, to one of mayhem and laughter, I am also interviewing for my own Mrs Doubtfire next week, to help me keep my home and life in order. So I will keep you all posted on how the search is progressing.

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