Monday, April 7, 2008

Reno Here I come!

Well tomorrow is the big day that I fly out to Reno, Nevada, USA via Auckland and San Francisco.
Anyone with kids will probably understand the somewhat sick, apprehensive, stomach flipping anxiety that I am beginning to fee about being so far away from my family.
Fort hose of you that do not know my kids are. Grace 13, Samuel 9 and Ben 8. They will be capably looked after by my fantastic husband Pete and a sitter until Sunday. You see my Husband is off to Asia for business, so the kids are "home Alone" till Tuesday, JUST KIDDING....
The amazing Margaret is coming to keep things in order till Tuesday AM when I come home.
Yes it is a flying trip.
So I will do my best to blog a little while in Reno and I promise that future blogs will be more about helping you get organised than my serious case of anxiety and nerves at being away from home. You see I think I am a control freak and hate not knowing what is going on in my little nest, LOL.
So sit tight hang on and get ready for some amazing Organising advice and ideas on my return.

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