Friday, April 11, 2008

Reporting in from Reno

Well Hi Everyone,
I am sitting here in a computer booth and wanted to check in with you all. i had a great journey over here. Despite Air NZ not getting me my upgrade, here's hoping on the way home, LOL. it was approx 18 hours door to door.
Reno is an interesting place, i have seen very little of it, only the road from the airport to the Nugget Hotel and the road to Target.......
I went fro a walk to Target yesterday to get my retail fix, needed to cab back though as the jet lag flushes kicked in.
Wow, Conference, this is an absolute blast. Everyone is so kind an welcoming, I have meet some amazing people and know there will be friend forever from this Trip. As for the how to's of Organising. Well I have attended two Leadership forum session over the past 2 days and have some amazing gems to being home and implement in my role as President as AAPO as well as in Totally organised Limited.
The Conference Proper starts in about an Hour and I have some amazing sessions booked to learn.
If you are a business organising client, boy you are in for a treat. i will be attending a session on Business Organising and the new directions and strategies that are working with Business clients. I cannot wait.
I also will have some very exciting news for those of you in the industry in the next 48 hours, so keep your eyes out for a "Special announcement".
Well I must go and have some lurch and check out the expo, then try and win a fortune on the Slot machines to pay for my excess baggage when I fly home on Sunday.


Angela Esnouf said...

Wendy, thanks for the update. I am so impressed that you found time. I know how full on conferences can be.

It's great to have AAPO's President representing us over there!

Brandie, The Home Office Organizer said...

It was great to meet you! I enjoyed that session as well.
I'm looking forward to your announcement. :)

Allison Spitzer Carter said...

It was awesome having you at conference in Reno! I'll be watching your blog.
-- Allison Carter

Julie Bestry said...

Add me to the Wendy Davie fan club! I was so glad to connect with you at conference--how lucky for me that we got to sit next to one another at the blogging meeting!

Good luck recovering from jet lag--I'm only three hours ahead now, but I imagine you must feel like a time traveler. Tell us, Wendy, is the future organized? (ooh, sorry. Organised)