Thursday, March 5, 2009

What to do, What to do!

I am feeling a little in a dilemma at the moment. That is what to do, I am having this amazingly strong urge to return to full time Mothering and ditching the business. I know I won't but sometimes it does get a little to much to bear.
I have my first book on the shelves and thoughts for a few more, consults are slow (must be the economy!!!!) and getting my speaking gigs up and running taking longer than I anticipated so wondering if I should maybe have a hiatus???????
I have a fabulous office I work from that overlooks the water and I am there till October, then I think I will return home to our newly built study and let things flow. Until then I will no doubt keep trucking along and getting things done.
I would love to hear from you all the things you need from your friendly organising guru and I will continue to deliver. Also what sort of book would you pick up off the shelf? let me know and I will start working on the most popular choice:
1) People Clutter - Sabotage by Association
2) The organised family
3) Moving house information book.
4) real Organising tips from real people
Let me know your preference and I will deliver within 12 months the most popular choice. 
I look forward to your inspiration and motivation.


Julie Bestry said...

Wendy, it can be tough to be torn between business and other aspects of life, but there are definitely options. You could expand your business to taking on staff or independent contractors, or you could train and license new professionals (talk to Allison Carter about that).

It definitely sounds like keeping on writing will help you bridge the gap. I'm not quite sure what you mean by #1, and don't know how many of #3-type books are in your geographic locale, but people have a real need to understand how to handle moving, everything from organizing the items to make it to the right rooms in the new house to organizing the investigating of new schools, pediatricians, supermarkets...If I were where you are, I'd be intrigued by #3.

Good luck staying motivated and on task!

Sheryl Sutherland said...

Wendy honey the chances are your kids don't particularly want full time mothering, they are at an age where you are to be a backstop available only when they need you, rather like an old pair shoes you slip on when your feet hurt.
As to the business issue, you are still a baby business, and how many babies have a published book and the media attention you do.

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