Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waking up is hard to do!!!!

We have had a considerable change in routine in my household since the school year started and this has provided some interesting challenges.
Last year my Daughter would bus to school and the boys would crawl out of be at 7.45 and wander down to school at 8.30ish. Well we have had a change of schools this year and now the boys require a 30minute drive across town.
Not being  morning person (as my regular readers know) this is proving interesting. However we are getting this down to a fine art. The kids have even had cooked eggs for Breakfast the last 2 days, so the organiser is getting organised, even in the morning!!
I imagine every home in the world has a morning rush of some type with or without kids to get to school. So I am going to share a couple of the changes I have made and you can too. These all help make those mornings easier.
* Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to get up. For me today was 6.30am.
* Have all the clothes laid out and ready to get into first thing. 
* Spend you evenings checking over the next days schedule and pack you bags for the day then. Do not wait till the morning. Do the bags in the evening.
* Create a check list for each child. This could include: Get dressed, Breakfast, put lunch in bag, put bag by door, clean teeth etc.....
* make school lunches the day before. This has been a routine in our house for years now. Lunches get made in the afternoon and the put in the fridge for the next day. 
* Get homework done in the afternoon and evenings, do not leave till the morning, t won't get done and you do not need the extra hassle.
* Have a nutritious breakfast. that extra 15 minutes can be used to have a healthy breakfast.
* TURN OFF THE TV AND COMPUTER - We first did this 10 years ago and barring special events (such as a rugby test, or worlds cup soccer) our TV and computer never get switched on in the morning during the working week. This makes a huge difference especially with kids attention spans and ability to be ready on time.

Doing these things has helped us transition to a new routine and be organised. After 5 weeks we have not forgotten anything in the morning and the kids are always fed and watered before heading out the door. For me with 3 kids and 2 schools and 30 minutes driving this has been a real accomplishment.
So much so i am writing this in a coffee shop at 9am after doing the morning shuffle and having a relaxing cup of tea and checking my emails, all after eating a healthy breakfast and dropping the kids of on time and well prepared.

Go forth and tackle your morning rush, you Will feel better for it.

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