Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new favorite activity! A time saver too!!!!

As a busy mother of three I really love finding things that make my life run smoothly and optimise my time. Well today I have discovered just one of those things. now I am likely to be behind many others on this discovery, however I am going to share anyway.
At the moment I am sitting at a desk by a large window overlooking a leafy garden, I have my two boys by my side and we are all heads down working. We are at the Library. Now I am a rare visitor of libraries so this was an idea that came to me through necessity. My youngest son is playing field hockey this afternoon after school. I collect the boys at 3.30pm and Hockey is at 5.30pm. It takes me 30 minutes to drive home from school on a good day, and then 40 minutes to get back across town to the hockey fields. So today I collected the boys from school, got some afternoon tea and headed for the nearest library. we are midway between School and Hockey (home is across town) and we are getting things done.
The boys are busy working on today's Prep (homework) and I have checked my emails and am doing a blog entry, I will have a look around my fav sites and add some to my new website that I am building.
It is one of the most relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable hours of wok I have done in a long time. Occasionally I am interrupted with a small question from one of the boys and they are both getting homework done in a lovely environment. I have saved over 1 hours driving and petrol usage and we will be at hockey in plenty of time to have Ben warmed up and ready to go.
I think I have to declare this one of my new favourite activities and each Tuesday during the field hockey season you will find me and my boys having some relaxing, quality but productive time at the local library.
This is a challenge for you to see how you can combine activities and multitask in a simple, easy and relaxed way that will give you great pleasure and productivity as well.
Have a fab day.

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