Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Devastation in Australia

As an Aussie who is living in New Zealand, my heart is truly breaking for all those effected in what must surely be one of the most tragic weeks in Australia.
Victoria has been dealt deadly bushfire's that have killed over 170
 (the toll is rising) and in Queensland they are struck by flooding and drought. What a temperamental country Australia is. Beautiful but deadly as well.
In Victoria entire towns and a huge percentage of the populations of those towns have been completely wiped out by the fires. Approx 800 homes have burnt to the ground. For up to date figure and info CLICK HERE
In Queensland there are floods that are also taking lives and making this another disaster zone. For more inofmration CLICK HERE
As a Professional Organiser my thoughts have immediatly gone to what people can do to help in some way. The most immediate things that are needed are clothing and food. Lifes essentials that have been lost by so many.
If you or someone you know is in Victoria and can help, the radio stations are broadcasting where donations can be dropped off. I am listening to 3AW while working here in Christchurch, and they are broadcasting services that are available and where donations can be left. A fellow PO, Lysa Wheelen from Presenting Homes has advised me that there is a warehouse putting together relief parcels at Lot 7 Henderson Road, Rowville 0409 944 220 (Andrew), 8 -5 every day this week. Items can also be dropped at Unit 48, 1508 Centre Road, Clayton. Thanks to LINFOX transport for supplying the distribution centre. If you do donate items ensure the packages are well labelled so they can get to where they are needed.
As the President of AAPO I have put a call out to all our members to help where they can with time, donations and encouraging clients to donate items. This is a time when we all need to band together to make a difference.
I invite you to comment here with any suggestions as to how people can help and lets help where we can regardless of where we are in the world.

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