Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cost Effective and Practical for kids!

My regular readers will know that I very rarely invest in storage products etc, until I am really sure that I or a clients have not already go what is required on hand.
So in the last few days we are getting down to the end of a big renovation here at home. Both my boys have moved into their own bedrooms. What a relief it is. They had literally taken over the house during the renovation as there was nowhere for them to store their stuff.
I had done a big declutter before we commenced the renovation project. So thankfully only had a few boxes in odd places throughout the living, dining and hall area.
I must admit it certainly did not look like the home of a Professional Organiser for a while there. Well that is changing and order is slowly being restored.
During the process of returning the boys to their own rooms (for the first time ever) I came across a gem of a storage product that I want to share. They are called iCube.

I bought my stash at "Plastic Box" here in Christchurch. I was thrilled as there seems to be a major lack of decent storage and organising products available in New Zealand. So I got busy and bought enough for both boys rooms. Despite the packaging tempting me with all difference colours to jazz up the boxes. Here in NZ it is only Black or White, with colour in the inserts of blue or wicker or grey. OH please just because I live in New Zealand does not mean I do not want a better selection..........So aside for having a limited choice of colours I went ahead and got what I needed.
For those of you not in the range of a "Plastic Box" store, try "A Cherry on Top"
I have used these in the boys room to store toys, balls, games and books and they are great. I will send a pic of the real deal in the boys rooms when my camera decides to start working again after a close encounter with an Orca at Christmas, but that is a whole other story.
These would be great for kids rooms, scrap booking, craft supplies and even camping as they are customisable to your specific needs.
So this is indeed one of those rare times I will do a product recommendation, because this one really serves it's purpose and can be made to suit your specific needs. Just remember do the organising before you purchase the product, that way you know you are buying what you really need.

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