Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For all you regifters out there!

I have just been alerted of the most hilarious idea for Christmas by a fellow Professional Organizer in the US, Alison Spitzer Carter
This is perfect for all of you with excess stuff you do not need, love, like, want or you may even hate. You can re gift it with the help of this RE GIFTING KIT. The re-gift Kit is the perfect idea for those of you looking for an alternative to buying expensive Christmas gifts and needing to declutter at the same time.
As you can hopefully tell my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek and I am smiling at the ingeniousness of "" for coming up with the way to make money out of the business of re-gift. Well done and bravo.

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Karen O'Bannon said...

I have re-gifted before, but I would never use that covering. The trick is for the receipient not to know it.