Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 1st 2009 posting.

WOW, what a thrill yesterday to start my working year. The above picture is of my book "The Accidental Organiser" on the front Bestseller wall at Borders bookstore Riccarton
it was a real buzz to see it there ands thanks to Borders for knowing how wonderful my book is and making it easy for people to find.

I have been away for 3 weeks and we had an amazingly relaxing, eventful, action packed and fun family holiday. Yes all those in one holiday. It is amazing what can happen in 3 weeks while camping. 
My Son Ben and I left a day early and drove to Murchison (3.5 hours) we stayed in a great motel "Murchison Motels", had a great hamburger at the pub for dinner and then set off early the next day for Pakawau, in Golden Bay at the top of New Zealand's South Island.
This is our 4th Christmas vacation at the Pakawau Beach Park and we hope that the planned developments do not go ahead as it really is one of the last true paradise camping spots left in NZ.
It is always so quiet there for Christmas Day and then the people begin to arrive on the 26-27th December. But it still never gets to busy, that is why we love it. That and the camp site right on the beach......Bliss.
we have just bought a boat as many of you may already know, so Pete (DH) was excited to get that out and about in the Golden Bay area. Our boat, (Name still to be decided options include: The Eater, Bluey, Ginga Blue) certainly clocked up some hours and provided many great and not so great times during the holiday.
We fished and boated, the kids waterskiied. Also we were met my some amazing creatures as well Dolphins, Seals ands Orcas while out in the Bay.
Pete had a close encounter with a Stingray while windsurfing in the inlet, ending in 7 stitches and 2 fabulous scars on his leg and a great holiday story to dine on for years to come.
We were joined by some friends for some of the trip Michelle, her Mum Joan and Daughter Iliana from Christchurch as well as John, Pam and Lachlan form Wellington.
I unfortunately nearly met my demise on the final day in some very stormy seas of Pakawau Beach, all I can say is never ever go boating without a lifejacket. It certainly is the reason I am able to type this today. Suffice to say, I am a little wary of water at the moment, despite having been a lifeguard for many Years in my youth. It only takes one nasty experience to wipe away many years of fun. But I am working though it...........Therapy anyone, LOL.
So we all returned on Sunday with a few extra kilos, a great tan and a new zest for the coming year and what it can bring.
I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday Season and also are ready to have a fab 2009 and beyond.

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