Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yes it is that time again

Ok now is the week that you should be getting your Christmas shopping finished. Yes I said finished. Many of you may not have started yet. 
However if you are serious about having an organised and less stressed holiday season. Try a different tack this year get it done early and don't go over board. Think of gifts that will not become clutter and are easy on the wallet.
Often it is the present buying that gets us into the biggest trouble, so buy stuff that will not become clutter. 
Some suggestions for clutter free and fabulous gifts this Christmas are:
* A new plant for the garden.
* Tickets to an event
* Wonderful home made baking or muesli
* Chocolate - always a winner for me!!!
* Voucher to learn a new skill
* Voucher for a massage, float tank or facial
* Offer to cook a meal and look after kids so someone can have a weekend off

The list of gifts you can give someone is endless, some of them will only cost you time others will help the environment.
I am keen to hear all your suggestions for fun, thoughtful, clutterfree and eco friendly gifts this Christmas.