Friday, August 1, 2008

Curveballs - How to dodge them

Be prepared, Be prepared, be prepared.
Life throws curve balls, and we need to be prepared in order to catch them on the fly. I have had an interesting couple of weeks that has demonstrated the importance of this preparedness.
As you know from my post last week I was in geelong with a friend recuperating from surgery. This week I am doing my civic duty in a court case, yep Jury Duty. I can say no more about that except, it was not the type of lottery I would want to win often. This civic duty is likely to last more than 1 week.
So these are two real curveballs. As those of you who know me, also know that I have my business, family and life in general to juggle as well. So was I prepared?
YES, is the answer. here are some things you can have in your life to make sure things run smoothly when you are not where you normally would be.
* Have great childcare lined up, with back up options as well.
* When travelling always print out your confirmations. (take note Mercure Geelong), who claimed I had not booked when I went to check in, I had my email confirmation to show the stroppy receptionist when they questioned me.
* Keep all your mobile devices well charged, Pack your chargers and an adapter if required as well. Mobile mini chargers are great for carry on and handbags.
* use a slow cooker/crock pot - this has made meal preparation a cinch whilst being in court all day. Still having dinner on the table when I get home.
* Do not forget to laugh. there is always someone worse off than you in this world and at least you are not 6 foot under. Take a deep breath and just get on with it.
* hug the ones you love when you can. Every opportunity you get.
These are just a coupe of the things that have served me well over the past 2 weeks. Not so much practical "Organising" tips, but real life helpful things that can make the difference between a great curveball and one that knock your teeth out.
Keep Smiling, I will resume normal service sometime soon. but I am always here if you have a question.
PS: Annette, I will be answering your Organised travel question very soon.

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Julie Bestry said...

Wendy, thanks to your prior post (and I hope your friend recovers fully and soon), I know what/where Geelong is, but Geelong Mercure? It's what--an airline? hotel? car rental?

And a translation for this American chick--stroppy? I get that it's a pejorative adjective, but what exactly was the receptionist? Rude? Clueless?

Enjoy jury duty; pretend you're in you're an episode of your favorite legal procedural show...wonder which lawyers are sleeping together, and who has the best back story. :-)