Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh How Embarrassing!

Yes, sometimes even the Organising Guru gets caught out.
This happened to me yesterday. I flew to Sydney for my mothers birthday this weekend. So am writing this from my Sisters home in Sydney, much warmer than Christchurch, that is for sure.
However, I packed and set off to the airport in my car. parked, checked in, went through Customs, did a little shopping then I realised........"Oh Crap" I had left me Mobile Phone in the Centre Console of my car. Now my phone is also my planner and notebook so it is something I like to have handy. it also serves as the lifeline between me and my family when I am travelling.
What to do????
Thanks goodness fro Rina and Tanith from the Air New Zealand International Lounge. Rina reassured me I was not the first, my keys were handed over, directions given to my parking spot and Tanith dispatched to retrieve said phone.
So I have been happily reunited with my Mobile Phone and continued my travels with no further hiccoughs.
So see even Organising Guru can make a faux paus and forget something.
Have a great day

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