Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Global Warming and Getting Things Done!!!

MMMMM, Global Warming?????? This is the 4th time this winter we have woken to have a beautiful blanket of snow covering our suburb.
This is the view from my kitchen window at 7.30am. The boys school is closed and Grace cannot get the bus as the road is closed. Also it seems our Sky TV is also not working due to "Atmospheric Conditions". So I ask you where is this global warming. Here in NZ we have had phenomenal Snow Dumps on our ski fields and the temperatures are definitely lower than last winter where we had no snow at home and the ski fields had their worst year in ages.
So how do I go about my business today. Well it starts with cars being turned so we do not need to reverse down our steep hill driveway. My husband has safely made it down the hill, so it will be my turn next. I hate driving in snow!!!!
I am planning to keep the 2 scheduled appointments I have this morning and then hope I get up the hill when the time comes to head home.
This afternoon will be the perfect time to pack up my office. This job is well under way and it has been fun sorting through my home based office and seeing how much unneeded stuff even I keep in my office. Then I need to sort Home stuff from "Totally Organised" stuff.
So if you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck at home due to weather or some other strange phenomena then make the most of it and tackle those less than favourable tasks. You become your own captive audience so make it work for you, I certainly plan to.
Some things you can do when you are stuck at home:
* Clear out your junk drawers
* Write some letters to old friends
* Sort out your wardrobe
* Sort out your bookshelves
* Download music onto iPod
* Do the ironing
* Clean out the linen cupboard

Sometimes the strangest times can be the most productive. However if you are stuck in the type of situation I am today with too much snow, get out there and have fun in it as well.
The toboggan has just come out of storage and my kids are blasting down the drive, I had better go join them.
Keep warm and have a great day!

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