Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Brilliant tip from a New Client.

I love it when  I get new clients, it is a privilege to be invited into someones home and help them get it organised. For many clients it can be a scary and intimidating experience, however they very quickly learn that here at Totally Organised we get it, and it is OK!
Asking for help is often the hardest part, soon followed by letting a stranger (albeit a friendly one) into your space and to handle your stuff. Fortunately the experience ends in a great, fun, positive and upbeat manner.

It is always an experience when I also learn new things and add ideas to my plethora of tips and ideas. Yesterday was one of those days when I was shown the most fantastic idea that my New client had developed and put together since the earthquake. She has said it is OK to share it with you.

We all talk about our disaster kits and grab and go bags etc, everyone has differing ideas and thoughts. Much of the time the question of where to keep your kit is a biggie, and there are various ideas. However "Mary"* (Name changed to protect the brilliant), has hit the nail on the head.


 Yes, brilliant I know and so, so simple and now we see it obvious as well. Mary has purchased a Wheelie bin that is a different color from the ones used for Rubbish collection (hers is red), and it is stored outside her home.

The wheelie bin is weather proof, large and on wheels. perfect for a disaster kit. In her wheelie bin Mary has, large water containers full with fresh water, first aid kit, blankets, gumboots (anyone who has experienced liquefaction will know why), shovel, torches, batteries, blankets.
Here is a list of other items that will fit:
* Blankets
* Sleeping bag
* Small tent
* Non Perishable food
* Solar Shower
* Wet Weather Gear
* Small gas bottle and cooker

The possibilities are endless.
It is perfect for the following reasons:
* Being able to store outside allows for the event of your home collapsing and your kit not being stuck inside.
* Does not take up valuable storage space inside your home
* Portable, regardless of how heavy it may be - water containers weigh a lot- you can still roll it.
* Large in size so you CAN store a lot in it.

So I am heading to the nearest storage shop and getting me one of those wheelie bins. I will store it close to the home, and fill it with the necessary items that we have come to know and love here in Christchurch, following our recent Earthquakes. I suggest you should go and do the same. Because you just never know when you may needs it.

A huge thanks to MARY* as well for your brilliance and ingenuity.


Yvette O'Dowd said...

I do love this idea, however would like to point out one of the most prominent images from the recent floods here in Australia were floating wheelie bins and not all had been empty! Unless you want your emergency kit floating down the street losing its precious cargo and winding up KMs away in the river system, it might be worthwhile to secure it by chain to something solid and consider weighing down the lid against high winds (they blew away in the cyclones!)

Wendy Davie - Organising Guru said...

Great Comment Yvette,
In the case of most flood you often have ample warning to move your kit to somewhere more useful.
Also having the lid tied or weighted in areas where the risks are cyclones, hurricanes etc is a great idea.
Many Emergencies and Natural Disasters do have a warning, so the kit can be taken to a safe place eg: evacuation centre with you.

Angie Spiteri said...

My god Brilliant Idea!!