Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting kids to help - Good or Bad??

My fab son Benjamin is always wanting to help. I think it is because he wants to earn money more than his desire to be helpful. So last week he took it upon himself to write some ads for Totally Organised Get-togethers.  We are looking for consultants at the moment to sell the products, so this is his attempt to entice prospective consultants:

The owner and founder Wendy Davie is a finalist for the "Most Innovative Organiser" at the Los Angeles Organising Awards and has won many awards. This business was the first organising business in New Zealand and she also has workers in Australia.
There are many reasons why you should work for Totally Organised, there is lots of work, you can start up your own business doing work for Totally Organised. There is no pressure so if you are in too much stress you can turn down a job.
Totally Organised was developed in Christchurch but now is nationwide and starting to build in Australia. She is open to have consultants all over New Zealand and Australia.
You can get in touch by calling 0800337137 or on her mobile if you want to email her its

I only changed some crazy 11 year old spelling the rest are his words. There is a little poetic license but it is nice to see what I do in the eyes of one of the kids. So the decision now is should I hire him as my ad writer or let him finish hist education first. I think I will opt for the latter.

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