Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Goldmine in your Backyard!

Today I discovered a goldmine, full of riches and wealth beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. Would you believe I found this Goldmine in my immediate vicinity, and I have discovered that you too probably have the same goldmine lurking within reach.
Also I had been looking at this goldmine for ages but have never seen it. So I do not want you to have to wait as long as I did to uncover this wealth. I am talking about a wealth of information and support, ideas and challenges, motivation and inspiration, accountability and strength, this is something we all have within our reach if we just open our eyes and find it.

This discovery started with this Facebook comment I posted only 1 week ago -

Question: I need to change how I am doing something to get better results, but perplexed as to best next move, suggestions???

 Wow what an extraordinary turn of events followed, I discover that people out there actually had the answers and cared enough to share them with me. So I wanted to tap into this and see if it could become something I would use in the long term growth and development of my business. I set a date and sent the invitations to a "Brainstorming" session, at my home (which is also my office). I sent the invites to those who had responded to my initial post, as well as others who's business's, attitudes, successes, challenges and ideas have always been something I have admired and watched, 29 in all in Christchurch were on the list.

I ordered in lunch, set up the living/board room and waited.  

In they came Jay, Jody, Stuart, Anne, Cate, Ann-Maree, Phillippa, Margit and Paula. The brains trust, made up of varied skills, experience, professions all with one common theme: to help me answer that question. Not just a brains-trust but a GOLDMINE.

We set up the paper and the easel and got to work, they questioned, poked, challenged, rewarded, shared and gave....gave of themselves and their knowledge. What an experience, one that every person in business should do. It was wonderful to get the feedback and reflections of my business from those I know and trust. Also eye opening to see the perceptions of others as to what I do and do not do, and how much there is I can be doing.

As a result I have a brain full of ideas, challenges, actions and inspirations to take my business to the next level:

This is what I have learnt:

MY PASSION IS SPEAKING - I am happiest when I am presenting to a crowd and sharing knowledge that can transform my audience.

SALES AND RECRUITING ARE NOT MY STRONG POINTS - There are people out there who love doing the things that I don't, they can be sought out and contracted.

I AM AMAZING AND I UNDERSELL MYSELF AND MY SUCCESS - rarely do I talk about being an Author, Entrepreneur, Awards Finalist, regular TV and radio guest. I do not promote my celebrity and success enough, I need a pedestal and to be proud of my achievements. 

This is what I am going to be doing:

* More sharing of knowledge and inspiration through social media, blog, Magazines, TV, Newsletters, Interviews and other forms of Media.

* Find and empower the right person/people to do the work I dislike, but is essential to my business.

* Complete the Professional Organiser Training program I am writing so I can empower and army of Productivity Specialists to work with Corporate and Residential clients.

* Begin speaking regularly again. Letting Businesses (Large and Small) know I am here and what I can offer them to increase their efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

* Support and strengthen my current Totally Organised Direct Sales Consultants, so they too become raving fans of our brand and products as it rewards them in great ways and they love being part of our Company.

* Not be afraid to reach for the stars and take on the big challenges.

That is quiet a spectacular list and I am incredibly grateful to the fantastic brains trust that all help build this list, and who I know will be holding me accountable for what I do in my business from here moving forwards.


Find your own goldmine, it is out there all you need to do is look, ask and action. Make it happen, put it out there and you will be amazed at the wealth that you get from your own goldmine.

To my fantastic goldmine: I challenge each of you to do what I did today and open yourself up the the possibilities that come with the incredible wealth of talent you have hidden in your life. I am happy to be a small nugget in the goldmine of anyone that takes on the challenge.

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