Friday, May 8, 2009

Nothing says "downsize" like selling all your stuff!

A fellow Professional Organiser and friend of mine Julie Bestry,, twittered a link today to an amazing website that shows a great example of decluttering.

Megan Deal from The Third of Three design group. will on the 1st of June be entering a Lab environment for young designers. So in preparation she is selling every one of her personal belongings. I mean every single one of them. This is taking the concept of downsizing and acting on it in the most literal and possibly profitable way.
If she does not sell all her items they will be then donated to a charity. You can read all about it and possible purchase some items at
So if you ever thought you could not part with something precious then check this out. One or two items made me think "Oh I could not get rid of that", but it truly is inspirational and I wish Megan all the best.

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