Friday, October 10, 2008

Remember the ME Time!

Here in New Zealand it is the last day of the School Holidays for the kids. We have had a great 2 weeks doing all kinds of stuff like tennis camp, modelling/drama school, flight day at the Air force Museum, Willowbank wildlife park, movies and so on. All in the endeavour to keep the kids happy and entertained.
I must admit the inside of my office has been a bit neglected also over the past 2 weeks. So on Monday I will be back with a vengeance to do some catch up at work.
Most of the activities have been kids orientated and I have felt a bit like the 5th wheel, however today we did something different. Some fab friends of mine Martz Witty & Jocelyn Scott of MARTZ LIMITED suggested we go bowling. So at 3pm on a Friday afternoon we went bowling. It was a blast. I took the three kids and Martz, Jocelyn and Myself bowled two games. It was such a departure from the usual Friday afternoon wind down (what wind down??)
It reminds me of the importance of taking out time to do the fun things and enjoy life. I am always sharing with clients the importance of ME time and not always walking the talk. So I think doing something like this is something we should all do more often. Pick a fun activity  you have not done in a while and then just go for it. Have a laugh, forget about work and the troubles of the world and enjoy yourself.
You only get one shot on this earth so make the most of it and do some ME stuff but remember. MAKE IT FUN!

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