Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Plan Expert

I am fortunate to have a friend here in Christchurch that is a true leader and expert in her field. Her name is Anne Howie and she is "The Party Plan Expert"
Anne is an accomplished Speaker and has now written the definitive guide to building and running a successful Party Plan business. Anne has certainly walked the talk and is truly a leader in this field both here in NZ and internationally. If you or someone you know is In the Party Plan industry it is vital you get to know Anne and her business. 
Also she has written a Fabulous book. "Let's Get This Party Started" as a guide to starting and running a successful Business.  So get your hands on a copy of it today and get that business humming.

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Veronica Marx said...

Wow, I will have to get this book the next time I need party planning help and ideas. Thanks!