Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Time Saving Service - That will win you brownie points

A friend of mine has just launched a new business here in Christchurch (and soon to be national!!!, no pressure Jodi).
This is great time saving service, that will also help put you i the good books of your loved ones fro a very long time. Check out Romantic Gestures at this is a must for anyone wanting or needing something special but do not have the time or imagination to put the wheels in motion.
Well done Jodi, and every success in your business.

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Julie Bestry said...

Wow, Wendy--Jodi's like a romance concierge! I love the titles of her service packages. I'd imagine the media will be eating these titles up. I don't know about NZ, but here in the U.S., this is the perfect time to be sending press releases to media for New Year's Eve stuff (like the proposal package). Wishing your friend luck!