Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My, How time flies!!!

Wow, I am amazed at how slack I have been in the blogging department of late, apologies to my regular readers for my
tardiness. It has been an incredibly rewarding, busy, tiring and fabulous couple of weeks. 
Please indulge me while I share. We always often forget to celebrate our success and I am going to do that here.
Over the past few weeks my publisher "Longacre Press" here in NZ have lined up some wonderful media appearance 
for me to promote my first book "The Accidental Organiser". 
They have been:
* "Campbell Live" - TV3
* Radio National - Kim Hill Program
* Newstalk ZB with Ali Jones
* Newstalk ZB Tauranga.
* KIWI FM - Breakfast with Whammo
* Newstalk ZB Wellington
* Plains FM - Canterbury
* CTV - Good Living Program
* "Otago Daily Times" feature
* "The Press" - At Home section (coming up)
* TVNZ - TVOne - "Good Morning" interview with Brendan Pongia
I think that is all of them, it has been a whirlwind of interviews and meeting people and travel. All really exciting
and hopefully going some way to selling millions of copies of "The Accidental Organiser".
It has taken some great scheduling in the family department to do this. As we are also in the midst of a major
renovation at home. My boys are squished into one small room while we have demolished their old bedroom, 
to make room for a new purpose built library/study and bedroom. We have also celebrate two Birthday's in our 
family, mine and Ben's 9th. So all in all a busy time. However not once did any of this become overwhelming. 
HOW? I hear you ask.
Organisation, communication and cooperation has been the key. So remember if you have busy and 
challenging times ahead take a leaf out of my book and thing "ORGANISE, COMMUNICATE & COOPERATE".
Remember if you have not got your copy of "The Accidental Organiser" yet, CLICK HERE or buy at your local NZ bookseller.

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