Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Welcome to the Organising Guru Blog

Welcome to you all, this is the first post from "the Organising Guru".

I have a wonderful job where I get to help all kinds of people get their lives in order either at home or at work. My Business is called Totally Organised, you can find it at

I plan to share with you some of my more interesting Organising Challenges and how I helped my clients come to a solution.

Sometimes simplicity is the key, and a solution is never far away.

Getting this Blog up and running is exciting for me as I cannot wait to share with youways to become more organised in your lives.

Just so you don't think you are dealing with a Martha Stewart clone, I am not naturally organised and sometimes find being organised quiet a challenge myself.

I have a busy household with kids, pets and a husband all who at times seem to be conspiring to make being organised impossible. So I take it to mean it is OK to not be perfect, not everything will run smoothly and who cares if your beds are not made first thing in the morning.

My type of being organised is about, having time to do what really matters. Like spending time for yourself or with your family. Catching up with friends being social and not freaking out if your home does not step out of the pages of "House & Garden".

My home rarely looks perfect (I'm not sure if it ever has) but it is always open to friends and family, who can come in and feel at home. A friend once told me if your welcome is warm and loving, who cares if their are dishes in the sink. Life is more important than that.

So welcome to my Blog, and also my journey, make yourself at home and enjoy the adventure, join in of you wish and most of all dont stress about getting organised.

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Linda said...

I look forward to reading more.