Friday, April 13, 2007

Organised Fun with kids on School Holidays.

Well I am playing Mum at present as the kids are on holidays.

I have all but given up trying to keep the house tidy, but we are managing with trying to hard. A good sign for me. What is really important when you have kids at home, wether they are preschoolers or on Holidays is to keep then active and entertained.

This is so much easier if you plan and Organise activities that will be easy cheap and cheerful. Some things you can do to keep the kids amused and the damage to the homefront to the minimum are.
* Explore your neighbourhood - Walk for at least and hour with the kids from your home. Go down streets and paths you have never been down and smile and say hi to your neighbours.
* Find a Park - Go to a park further afield. My kids have a "forced trip" to a city Park 3 x a week in holidays so I can get my "Group Exercise Class" in. They take a ball, or they join in the fitness class.
* Get the kids to do the School holiday Meal Plan - Now my kids are older they get out the cook books and decide what we will eat fro the upcoming week. Make up a shopping list and take them to the supermarket. Kids from age 5-6 can find items and help load the trolley.
* Home based Cooking schools - Set aside a day for baking during the holidays. Do a huge batch of muffins, cookies, cakes etc. Have some on hand and freeze the rest, school lunches will be exciting when they discover their holiday cooking class treats in their lunch boxs. Also if you do this all on the one day, there is only one big clean up in the kitchen.
* Visit local attractions - Become a tourist in your own town. Many attractions have cheaper or free rates for locals. Take advantage of this and explore places only the tourists go. Art Galleries, museums and other attractions are all for the taking.
* Let the Kids Choose - We had a holiday at home once, where each child chose a place (within 2 hours drive from home) to visit for a day trip. We wound up Caving, fishing, picnicing and swimming in amazing parts of New Zealand and came home to our own beds at the end of each days adventure.

So get out there and explore, keep the TV and Computers to the minimum, if you are away from the house you are making less mess. Less to clean up and keep organised more time for fun.
After all that is what life is about!!!!

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