Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to the new look Blog

Yes things have changed in my life and my new look blog is reflecting some of those changes.
Simplicity and productivity remain a passion of mine and this will be featured in the profiles I will be doing on Christchurch Businesses who have increased their productivity since the devastating earthquakes that rocked our world.
You can read the first profile on CATE GRACE in my recent blog post.
Another big change has been the winding down of Totally Organised Product and Home Parties as well as our hands on organising services. But you can reap the rewards of this by shopping out our STOCK CLEARANCE SALE
This week I embark on a "Time Management Coaching" course with Julie Morgenstern in New York, so you can soon benefit from my Time Management and Organising Coaching Consultations. Watch this space and I will keep you posted.
Speaking Professionally and Writing are where it is at for me in the near future, so let me know what you are keen to hear or read about and I will do my best to deliver.
Rebuilding Christchurch is a major focus here in my part of the world, being part of a new future for our wonderful city is where I am now spending alot of time.
I am on board the REBUILD CHRISTCHURCH team working with other passionate Cantabrians to deliver open two way communications here in Canterbury. Also we are looking to form an Advocacy service and Charitable trust to aid residents who have been effected by recent events. Watch this space as these developments are closer by the day.
One of my main focusses is to raise funds to give these projects a strong future. Please visit if you would like to contribute to the future of these amazing initiatives.

So as you can see exciting times and loads to do, Keep Happy, Keep Safe and Keep it Simple.

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