Friday, March 18, 2011

What feels right for you?

Today here in Christchurch we have a public holiday and a National Memorial service. This is an event I have chosen not to attend. This is a conscious decision as I personally still have a Funeral to attend, and so many families are still awaiting the return of loved ones lost. So a little too soon to sit in the sun and "Bring a Picnic" as our Mayor suggested (inappropriate in my view).
Instead I have chosen to spend some time with my kids, as my husband is still working 90 hour weeks since the earthquake, he will come home early, exhausted and head to bed for a much needed nap.
What today also highlights to me is that we all need to listen to our own intuition and feelings, do what feels right for us, do things in our own time, if and when we can.

*My daughter is spending tonight with her dear friend who has lost both her Grandparents in the Earthquake, that feels right!
*I am sitting quietly working away, that feels right!
*My son chose not to go away with a friend for the weekend, that feels right!
*We picked tomatoes from our garden and the boys delivered them to neighbors, that feels right!
*Pete and I finally closely inspected the outside of our home for damage (and found some), that feels right!
*Pete is now tucked in bed in the afternoon napping, that feels right!

So take time where ever you are and whatever you are doing to ensure that what you are doing feels right. Not for others, but for you!

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