Saturday, July 11, 2009

Global Organizer Relaunch

This is one for my fellow Professional organizers out there. Regardless of how long you have been in the industry,
Global Organisers" is the place for you to network.
This is network that was dreamed up after the NAPO Conference in Reno in 2008, however due to using a not
so flash platform it did not grow the wings I had hoped for. However, now I have discovered 
I have created "Global Organizers" using a platform that allow the members to grow the network.
So now the easy bit. Join today, start sharing your news, ideas, events, training and information. 
This is no-holds-barred social network for Professional Organizers throughout the globe.
You are welcome to share things that you feel wold benefit fellow professional organizer. 
All I ask is that you don't spam fellow members and that you respect the thoughts and ideas of fellow members.
Simple as that.
So join up today:

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