Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The TIME of your life...

The inspiration for this post has come from Karen Brown in Christchurch. To put it her way she has asked me to "address the issue of punctuality", something tells me she is a little frustrated by someone or something that has made her late or been late.
If you have read my book "The Accidental organiser" you will know by now that I do not tolerate lateness and lack of punctuality all that we.. In fact I think people who are late all the time are a real pain. there is no excuse.
So how can one ensure they are not driving others nuts with their lack or respect for time:
* Set your watch a few minutes fast.
* Give yourself more than enough time. leave home 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to.
* Pick up the phone, if you are not going to be ON TIME, call and warn the person waiting for you. even if you are only going to be 5 minutes late.
These are just short and sweet things but will make a huge difference. 
For more on this read "Time keeps on Slipping" chapter in "The Accidental Organiser"
available on the website.

PS: Even if your friends joke about your lateness it realy does Peeve them off.


silvergirlette said...

thanks Wendy :)i seem to fluctuate between being super early lately, and late ... usually when i am early its because i was going to do something else en route, ran out of time and went straight to my ultimate destination. its an interesting approach for me!

Janine Adams said...

Good tips, Wendy. I have a punctuality problem, which usually seems to involve trying to get too many things done before I walk out the door. I have found the solution is to actually slow down in the morning, schedule out when I have to do various things (like take a shower and walk the dogs), working backward from the time I need to leave the house. The key for me is to build in padding in those time calculations.

As a professional organizer, it's particularly important for me to be on time to my client appointments--it's one of my biggest professional challenges!