Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is your Clutter Left or Right?

How you vote is seen in the stuff you keep.

Today I found the neatest Blog posting by Bill Bishop, "The Big Sort", The stuff in your bedroom signals how you vote.
Today is voting day in the US, but also here in New Zealand we are having our national election on Saturday, so wanted to share this with my New Zealand Readers.
An abstract of the paper can be found by CLICKING HERE.
Did you know that the type of clutter you keep around you can be an indication of how you will vote?
An unpublished paper titled "The Secret lives of Liberals and Conservatives",  has looked at the underlying traits of left and right voters. This paper by Dana Carney et al. looked at how voting differences are based in basic personality traits.
Among many traits they researched one thing was the bedrooms of left and right voting college students. It was during the research they discovered that certain items where prevalent in the bedrooms of each.
So before you vote on Saturday have a look around you home, does your stuff give an indication of how you are planning to vote?
The left voters will have a tendency to collect Books, CD's, various music, art supplies and cultural memorabilia.
Whereas the right voters had a tendency to be neater with laundry baskets, Ironing boards, calendars, cleaning items and Containers.
Right wing voters also have a tendency to be more orderly and organised.
More information can be gleaned from Bill Bishop in his blog "The Big Sort" this is looking at this theory in relation to the US federal Election.
So what does your stuff say about you and how you plan to vote here in New Zealand on Saturday?

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